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Julie-Anne Giles

Julie-Anne Giles

15 Farmborough Cl
Bowral NSW 2576

Julie-Anne Giles
Specializing in anxiety, panic, depression, grief and loss. Conflict management.

J. A. Giles

Julie-Anne Giles BA.(Psychology) ;Audiologist; Counsellor and Psychotherapist ;Advanced Diploma in Holistic Psychotherapy ; Diploma in Applied Holistic Counselling.
She says:
"The more we are able to understand and explore our experiences in life, through reflective practice, the more we are able to cope with life's challenges .

If we can develop the capacity to pay greater attention to the things that happen to us – these disturbances in equilibrium - the more we can come to understand the message inherent in these experiences – and this enables us to make sense of our struggles. This process allows us to grow in some way and become more fully the individuals we were meant to be - to reach our highest potential.

I use a process oriented approach to therapy which works towards increasing self awareness to tap into the inner wisdom needed to find solutions to our dilemmas. A goal in process work is to develop the capacity to step outside oneself and view what’s happening from all angles.

Each person’s journey is their own and it is unique and I believe it is a gift to share part of that journey with another person."

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BA. Advanced Dip. Holistic Psychotherapy; Dip. Applied Holistic Counselling.

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