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Jaime Kerr

Jaime Kerr

31 Barcoo St Roseville NSW 2069

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Acupuncturist & Chinese herbalist with over 15 years experience in pain management, women and children's health and general well-being.

Jaime Kerr Cupping / Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine

Servicing area

Roseville, New South Wales

Focus areas

Muscle tension Memory Reduce inflammation Stiffness Health issues Relaxation

What is Cupping?

Cupping is the use of glass suction cups created by fire generated vacuum to bring blockages of body tissues to the surface. This aims at clearing pathogenic factors and stagnant circulation. Terrific for muscle tension, stiffness and adhesions of body tissues.

How Does It Work?

In stimulating a particular area on the skin, the objective is to draw the muscle tissues up in order to break up tension and result in relaxation and lymphatic drainage. 

What Is It For?

Cupping is most often used for relieving muscular tension and adhesion while promoting circulation as in sport injuries and general pain management. Other reasons for cupping include relaxation during a cold, fever and cough.    


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