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Jane integrates her knowledge of Iridology to give you a unique understanding of your physical and emotional health Mention you found me on Natural Therapy Pages and receive 10% off your first medical prescription with initial appointment.


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What is iridology

Iridology is the science and practice of health via examination of the iris, sclera and pupil.

The iris is the most complex external structure of the human anatomy. It has a reflex connection to every organ and tissue of the body by way of the nervous system. Through the optic nerve, which is attached to our eyes, visual information is sent to the brain. At the same time there is information sent back to the eyes from the brain about the state of organs and tissues in your body.

A topographic map of the irises has representation and location for all the structures of the body.

This practice is not new and dates back as far as 1,000 BC, nearly 3,000 years ago, the oldest records uncovered in Central Asia.

It can uncover body weaknesses and strengths, hereditary predispositions to degenerative conditions and early pathogenesis.

Thus, it is a valuable asset for preventative healthcare.

The Iris, sclera and Pupil of the eye show the veil the soul has created, through consciousness (or forgetfulness),
that reflects the illusion which prepares the soul for attaining the reality of full enlightment.
(David Pesek, Ph. D September 1988)



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