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Kinesiology, NLP & Rekindled Ancient Wisdom
Member since 2005

Janelle Coggan

Janelle Coggan

Newcastle NSW 2300

Janelle Coggan

Kinesiology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Rekindled Ancient Wisdom

Janelle Coggan - Kinesiology, Neuro Linguistic Programming & Rekindled Ancient Wisdom

We Specialise In:


    • Accelerated Learning


    • Speed Reading & Study Skills


    • General Kinesiology


    • Touch For Health Instructor / Practitioner, Neuro Linquistic Kinesiology Instructor/ Practitioner, Kinergetics, Educational Kinesiology, Counselling Kinesiology


    • Pain Management, Stress Management, Allergies, Learning Difficulties, Emitional & Behavioural change, Natural Face Lifts and Beauty Treatments, Counselling, Imune System and Chakra Balancing, Candida, Food Intollerance, Sports Kinesiology


    • Rekindled Ancient Wisdom Balances


Qualification Details

  • Master of Special Education DHH Bachelor Education
  • Support Teacher Learning Certificate
  • Touch For Health Instructor & Practitioner
  • Kinergetics Practitioner
  • Neuro Linquistic Programming Instructor & Practitioner
  • Rekindled Ancient Wisdom Practitioner

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    This practitioner provides online consults