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Servicing area: Covering the Gold Coast, Tweed Valley, Kingscliff, Byron area, Randwick and Sydney

Highly experienced Astrologer and Feng Shui consultant.


Space Clearings also offered. 

Jenny Blume Astrologer & Feng Shui consultant

Welcome to Jenny Blume Astrology & Feng Shui

Jenny combines three different schools of feng shui (form school, flying stars and compass school) with colour therapy and some modern design principles to ensure that your home or workplace is an uplifting happy place. Jenny is able to help you:

    • Invite positive energy into your environment

    • Better support your health and relationships

    • Check for high electromagnetic fields

    • Rearrange furniture to improve flow

    • Find best positions for management & staff

    • Assess a home or office before you buy

    • Lift the vibe and clear negative energy

    • Turn your home into an inviting space

    • Choose supportive colours, plants and artworks

    • Find best sleep/study directions for residents

    • Activate your home’s ‘prosperity points’

Jenny is able to work with clients via email or in person (primarily in Sydney, Byron and the Gold Coast regions); when it is possible it is best to feel and see an office or home. 

Jenny also offers private astrology readings, by phone or in person. She writes weekly columns for Womans Day and Real People magazines, and is available for talks and seminars. She appears on radio, and over the past 25 years, has built a reputation as one of Australia’s leading astrologers.

About Jenny

Jenny’s keen interest in the unseeable world began back in her early childhood. Over the past decade her interests have expanded to cover interior design, Chinese solar astrology (BaZI), karmic astrology yoga and feng shui. Formal qualifications in traditional feng shui (Compass, Flying Star and Form School) space clearing and BaZI astrology were attained through ACES and the Australian Academy of Feng Shui.

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Jenny Blume Astrology & Feng Shui