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Jenny Carver

Negative thoughts, feelings & attitudes are caused by unprocessed emotions associated with painful past experiences. They also influence your life decisions and choices, which only lead you back to square one. Jenny uses Root Cause Therapy to assist you in resolving past issues. Schedule a no-obligation chat with her.

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Jenny Carver is a trauma-informed coach and therapist, who specialises in Root Cause Therapy. Working with her will assist you in identifying the underlying cause of your trauma or other symptoms and resolving them on a deep level.

What is Root Cause Therapy?

Root-Cause Therapy is an effective trauma healing method that allows you to release unprocessed emotions that are still causing unpleasant thoughts, negative behaviours and recurring choices that keep you stuck.

It can help you stop talking about your problems and heal them on a deep level, getting to the root cause of your symptoms.

Root Cause Therapy enables you to see your limiting beliefs in order to gain a deeper understanding of why you do what you do and why you think and feel the way you do, as well as to consciously release the unwanted patterns. Simply put, it puts you in the driver's seat and provides you with the knowledge and guidance of your practitioner.

How long will it take to see results?

Many beliefs can shift after just one session, but it is recommended to have at least four sessions to allow for many belief pattern shifts and to give you time to reflect on how much you have changed since the first session and what baggage has been left behind. It also allows you to go deeper with the practitioner in order to make larger shifts in your life around major traumas.

Jenny provides six and eight-week healing programs that include therapy, coaching and trauma-informed manifestation.

How does a Root Cause Therapy session work?

Jenny takes up the first part of the session asking about your priorities and the things you desire most. You will delve a little further into your feelings and talk about any recent incidents, traumas, or other issues that are on your mind.

Jenny employs kinesiology techniques (muscle testing) to determine which core beliefs are interfering with your wellbeing. Muscle testing holds away the conscious brain, or thinking part of the mind, which will not provide a true answer because beliefs are held unconsciously and run in the background of your life, influencing your decisions, behaviours and thought patterns.

Once your limiting beliefs have been identified, the actual therapy session begins, which is referred to as the timeline (or regression). Jenny will then ask you to close your eyes and go through a quick relaxation exercise to ensure you are calm and relaxed.

This is not hypnosis. RCT reveals what is going on beneath the surface, allowing you to become conscious of it in a . safe and comfortable space. This is a chance for you to find out how your core beliefs were formed and how they continue to impact your daily life.

Jenny will guide you through your timeline to identify how a specific event shaped your subconscious mind. Because many of our beliefs are formed before the age of seven, or even in generational or past life events, you may have no conscious memory of some events. Throughout your life, your unconscious mind has absorbed everything and stored it, along with related emotions.

You can release these emotions here, and because you are fully conscious, you will be able to gain substantial insights from the event.

Jenny's job as your guide is to help you get through the process safely and as comfortably as possible. Her primary concern is your long-term healing, and she will be with you every step of the way, even providing daily support in between sessions.

Schedule a consultation with Jenny online to learn more about Root Cause Therapy.


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Complimentary initial chat - online

Life Coaching Time Line Therapy® Root Cause Therapy
$0 Per session

An initial chat to uncover what patterns, behaviours and beliefs that are keeping you from moving forward. I explain the therapies I use and the program I believe is most suited for you and the goals you want to achieve in your healing journey.

Initial Online Root Cause Therapy Session (50% discount)

Root Cause Therapy
$300 $150 Per session
50% OFF

A 2 hour deep healing session combining emotion code and Root Cause Therapy to get clear on your healing goals, heal and release 1-3 core beliefs and trapped emotions that have a greater impact on your wellbeing. Includes a digital Daily reflection jour

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