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Jim Veljanovski


Jim Veljanovski has been practicing as a Homeopath and Remedial Therapist for almost 3o years. During that time it had become apparent that in helping people with a variety of physical problems the more subtle emotional factors were required to be understood.

With this in mind Jim completed his training and gained Registration as a Psychologist. Psychological counseling in conjunction with Homeopathic Medicine allows for effective management of illnesses in all spheres to promote health and wellbeing.


Homeopathy is a system of medicine in which diseases are treated by small doses of drugs that are capable of producing, in healthy humans symptoms like those of the disease to be treated. For example; onion vapours produce a runny nose, sore, itchy, watery and red eyes; symptoms not unlike hayfever.. Homeopathic onion, "Allium Cepa" is used to treat hayfever.

Homeopathy relies on understanding the more individualistic symptoms in a person, and requires close investigation of both the emotional and physical aspects of disease.

Homeopathy has been verified literally millions of times in clinical contexts throughout the world over almost 200 years, it is regulated in some 48 countries . The World Health Organisation states the 500 million people use homeopathy,


By listening attentively and patiently the counselor can begin to perceive the difficulties from the clients point of view and can help him to see things more clearly possibly from a slightly different angle. Counseling can help people clarify their thoughts and feelings so they can arrive at their own decisions and make changes in their lives. The aim is to help you find your own answers and to become more in charge of your own life.

Counseling may only take a after a few sessions or it may continue over several weeks or months.


The therapy used primarily is Bowen Technique. Jim has undertaken training by leading practitioners who studied with Tom Bowen

Qualification details

Bachelor of Behavioural Science (1981)
Diploma of Naturopathy (1984)
Diploma of Homeopathy (1989)

Teaching positions;

Lecturer in homeopathy Southern School of Natural Therapies since 1988
Homeopathic College of Victoria
Victoria University
Homoeoapthic Education and Research Association community clinic, Sacred Heart Mission St Kilda.

Member of;

Homoeopathic Education and Research Association (Honorary President)
For more details of our activities go to: www.hera.org.au
Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Psychologists Registration Board (Victoria)

Board Member: Australian Register of Homoeopaths

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Medicare Rebates for Psychology
Medicare rebates are available under the Medicare Mental Health Care Plan upon referral from a GP.

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