Joanna Saunders

Joanna Saunders

110 Ridgway st
Mirboo North VIC 3871

Servicing area: West and south Gippsland, Victoria

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Naturopath Joanna Saunders is located at Mirboo North Pharmacy. If you'd like to get your health back on track naturally, call Joanna to book now!

About Joanna Saunders - Naturopath


Are you feeling lethargic, run down and not yourself? You’re not alone. Nearly every client I’ve seen in my 18 years working as a Naturopath, would like to increase their energy.


Other common health issues I’m able to help you with are:


    • Digestive complaints


    • Menopausal symptoms


    • Anxiety


    • Stress


    • Fatigue


    • Lowered immunity


    • Recurrent infections


    • Infertility


    • Female hormonal problems


    • Skin conditions.


What to expect:

When you come for your initial consultation, I will take an in-depth case history that examines the main complaint you’re presenting with, as well as your previous health history.

I use Iridology as a diagnostic tool to ascertain the reason for your health problem. Iridology is the study of the iris - every aspect of your body is represented in your iris. The colour, fibre structure and other markings show your strengths and weaknesses. I will take a digital photo of your iris and together we will view it on a monitor, where I can point out any strengths and weaknesses present.

Further comprehensive screening tests may also be taken to assess your current health. This assessment indicates your immune and digestive function, level of inflammation, and nutritional status.

Your Naturopathic Treatment Plan will be designed in response to your results and will include diet and lifestyle modifications combined with nutritional supplement support, herbal medicine, and Bach Flower Essences. Herbal Medicines are prescribed to correct and support your body’s ability to heal and recover from illness and injury. Because I prescribe liquid herbal medicine, you gain the advantage of receiving tailored formulations, and I also use tablets and herbal teas. Flower Essences are prescribed to offer support with emotional issues.


If you’d like to chat with me about whether Naturopathy is right for your situation, or to book, call Joanna Saunders at Balanced Health and Wellness or click on one of the buttons below.

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