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Rapid Transformational Therapy is a wonderful hybrid therapy that gets fast results for clients. When using Hypnosis, it allows our subconscious mind to focus on the task at hand, by, bypassing the endless chattering of the conscious mind. The subconscious is the most powerful part of our mind as it controls more than 90% of our life. Everything we learn is stored here for later reference. Thats why we don't have to relearn riding a bike every time we want to use one. Thats why we don't have to think about how to use a bat or a ball if we've already done it before. The cool part is the subconscious is also the creative part of our mind that sees possibilities and works out ways to do things that don't rely on logic, so when we work on that level using Hypnosis the changes, we make feel uplifting, inspirational, powerful and totally possible. The changes will seem just so natural, easy and effortless.

Joanne Gibbs Hypnotherapy

Servicing area

Bendigo, Shepperton, Ballarat

Focus areas

Telehealth Emotional overwhelm Stress Management Childhood trauma Weight reduction Quit smoking

Rapid Transformational Therapy has emerged as a distinctive hybrid aproach that combines Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programmin, Cognitive Behavioural Programming and Psychotherapy. 

RTT was designed to provide rapid relief and permanent results. RTT uses a language that speaks to the subconscious and sparks the imagination. And this allows the changes you want to take place in the most amazingly freeing and powerful ways. You will be given a personalised, bespoke recording after our session that will allow you to recieve the full benefits you want and get the results you deserve. RTT is a 21 day programme that lays down and creates new pathways and new connections on a cellular level. 

As these pathways become strengthened,  by listening to your new individually personalised recording for 21 days, the new behaviours become second nature. You will feel like the old behaviours are a thing of the past and you wont be able to imagine ever being the same, doing the same things or thinking the same way ever again.

Every one will want to know your secret. Because isn't change supposed to take a long time, even years, and aren't you supposed to feel stressed and deprived as you try to consciously not slip back into those old habits, those old behaviours? You just don't need to do it that way any more. Just as, the world has improved with Technology and all sorts of other advancements, and so has the world of Medicine and Therapies improved and updated also. Because everything needs to fit in with our faster paced lifestyles and so modern Therapies are aimed at getting quick results for the client. No more signing up for months or even years to get to the root or cause of an issue before, you could even hope to move on. No its quicker now and it's called rapid because it is. 

RTT can help you to - 

  • Change habits for a healthier body
  • Relieve stress, anxiety and fears
  • Perform at your very best
  • Say goodbye to guilt and shame
  • Step into a bright new future
  • Stop feeling self conscious and second guessing yourself
  • Break distructive habits
  • Feel great about yourself
  • Increase focus and motivation
  • Overcome phobias 
  • Feel empowered enough to create the life you want

Will power alone is not enough or you would have done it already. Do you just want to let it go? Do you just want something different? In as little as 3 sessions you can let go, you can make the changes and you can finally move forward into a life that you want and a life that you'll love. And you'll feel re-energised, uplifted, calm at peace as you work to create the Emotional Freedom you deserve.


Rapid Transformational Therapy and Hypnotherapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy
$444 Per session

A hybrid style of Therapy that incorporates the best of CBT, NLP, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. You will move away from Overwhelm and Stress and move towards Emotional Freedom whilst reactivating your Inner Strength and Self Confidence

Business Hours

We're open 3 days.


2:00 pm To 5:30 pm


10:00 am To 5:30 pm


1:30 pm To 5:30 pm


  • Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner
  • Certificate In Modern Hypnosis
  • Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner
  • Paul Mckenna Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Tad James Modern Hypnosis

Professional Membership

  • IICT - International Institute For Complementary Therapists
  • IACT - International Association of Counselors & Therapists

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