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About Journey To Health

We, every one of us, stand at a threshold of wellbeing and with every move we make we begin on a lifelong journey. Naturopath Patricia Vandeberg-Smith can light up your own wellbeing issues and serve as your personal and knowledgeable guide at all times. You will not be let down by her ability to find the best path to wellbeing.
We welcome you to start your adventure to health today.

At Journey to Health we use the absolute best of evidence-based medicine and traditional knowledge combined with more than 10 years of clinical practice to provide the most complete and thorough care accessible in Sydney.

About Patricia

Patricia has been helping individuals with their wellbeing, and offering sound, down-to-earth and successful advice to her clients for more than 10 years. She takes an interest in improving her professional skills by regularly attending classes and seminars which guarantee access to the most recent in naturopathic approaches and treatments. Through doing so Patricia is able to stay informed about new and emerging contemporary medicines as they become available.

Patricia believes strongly in a balance between the rationalist and intuitive scientific approaches, and comprehends the need for integrating both within the healing process. Her consultations aim to empower her clients, thus allowing them to establish control over their health. Re-education is one of the key focuses to her approach.


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