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Chinese herbs play a prominent support role in Michelle’s treatments.

Michelle Corban - Chinese Herbs

The Chinese herbal pharmacopoeia is a vibrant and rich storehouse of ancient herbs that are prescribed to assist in the treatment of a variety of different disorders. It openly embraces all the domains of nature, drawing from animal, plant, mineral and sea components of the earth.

The preparation of Chinese herbs play a significant role in Michelle’s fertility programs. For those women who are seeking a natural fertility approach that utilises acupuncture and herbs that will restore health to the follicular, ovulating and luteal phases of each women’s cycle. Therefore, increasing the likelihood of a health pregnancy.

Michelle has an immense amount of care and respect for herbal medicine and its unique ability to bring about organic changes and she provides herbs to each client when she feels that it will appropriately help them to achieve an optimal level of vitality, wellbeing and health.

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