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Michelle has found Japanese acupuncture to be a cutting edge innovative style of Acupuncture.

Michelle Corban - Japanese Acupuncture

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Japanese Acupuncture has evolved through many years of research and has taken on modern theories of scientific research and modern physics, bedded with the fundamental concepts of energy pathways and internal circuitry of the body, as is known to all Traditional Chinese Medicine practices.

Japanese Acupuncture, has its roots in the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but the application of the treatments are pain free, more refined and highly successful. As the foundation of Chinese Medicine theory involves the delicate interchanges of the individual with her/his environment the practitioner takes into account certain signposts.

Season, time of day, individual’s body language and posture, skin colour, dietary sensitivities, abdominal findings, tone of voice, tongue or pulse signs are all integral signposts to where in the body the imbalances may be found.

Acupuncture is able to restore the energy in the body that has been blocked and stimulates the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Japanese Acupuncture provides the practitioner with a set of tools that facilitate an effective return to health with a high success rate.

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