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Jude Friesen

Jude Friesen

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Jude provides personalised healthcare using Classical Homeopathy and Naturopathy. She has a strong focus on emotional wellbeing, family dynamics and simple effective treatments for the, mums, babies and children.

Jude Friesen

Servicing area

Whitfield, Queensland

Focus areas

Diarrhoea Intolerance Joy Headaches Growing pains Sprains

Welcome to Jude Friesen

Jude Friesen is a registered Homeopath (AROH and AHA) and qualified Naturopath practicing since 1992, trained in W.A. with post graduate studies from overseas. She has a sound knowledge of pharmaceuticals and their interactions with natural medicines. Jude is a trained counsellor.


Helping individuals and families with simple cost effective remedies; treating anything from minor ailments to chronic and complex conditions.


Homeopathic consultations focus on all aspects of health, mental emotional and physical and spiritual. Jude enjoys working with mums, babies and children.

Jude has experience in general and tropical medicine, treating anything from the common cold, headaches, depression, menopause to conditions such as jellyfish stings, tar tree allergy, paralysis tick and tropical ulcers, dengue fever etc. Homeopathy lends itself to the rare, unusual and peculiar symptoms that other modalities are often unable to help.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine recognised by the World Health Organisation and is the second most used system of medicine in the world. Homeopathic remedies stimulate your body to heal itself. Remedies are natural, inexpensive, great tasting and are safe-having no side effects. Homeopathics can alleviate symptoms of acute conditions, and restore health to those with chronic ailments.

(See below for information on homeopathic first aid kits.)

Herbal Medicine and Supplements

Jude has practical knowledge in the cultivation, preparation and dispensing of herbal medicine. She stocks a comprehensive range of herbal tinctures and practitioner only supplements.

She works with patients on integrated protocols for chronic conditions such as cancer, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance-male and female etc.

Pregnancy, Mums and Babies

Homeopathy is ideal for treating most ailments during pregnancy, parturition, (the birth) and lactation. Conditions such as morning sickness, mastitis, fluid retention, depression etc can be overcome by infrequent dosing with no risk to mother or child. Babies and children respond well to remedies and compliance is easy. You can expect quick relief for conditions such as colic, reflux, teething, colds and digestive disorders including milk intolerance.

Natural Fertility

Enquire about a natural fertility program using Melbourne Homeopath, Liz Lalors method. On this simple and inexpensive program, the majority of pregnancies are achieved within 4 cycles. Success rate of this program is an impressive 87%.

Jude can also incorporate Francesca Naishs, natural fertility protocols.

Allergy Treatments

Allergy desensitisation using homeopathic constitutional prescribing and phenolic desensitisation is available. Allergies that can be treated range from- food intolerance to plant, chemical, animal or unknown substance allergy.

Homeopathy can be useful in the treatment of allergies where other modalities are unsuccessful, e.g. Jellyfish stings, tar tree rash, and other tropical nasties. Homeopathy has remedies for the rare, unusual or peculiar symptom.


Custom made for your needs. Remedies are: light weight and compact; require no refrigeration; have a long shelf life; are easy to take; taste great. They are suitable for any age, including, the elderly and babies and for pregnant or lactating women. Homeopathics are safe to take with other medications and have no side effects.

Birthing Kit

Prepare for the big day with safe remedies for delivery and recovery.

Mums and babies Kit

For all those little problems: teething, colic, fever, sniffily noses, mastitis etc

Travel Kit

Remedies that may help with travel sickness, jetlag, vomiting, diarrhoea, food poisoning, infection, bites, accidents, insomnia, travellers constipation and parasites (See your Practitioner)

Home or Office/Workshop Kit

Remedies for all that life can throw at you.

Bush Walkers kit

This kit contains remedies for sprains and strains puncture wounds, bites and stings, paralysis tick and allergy.

Tissue Salts Kits

Schuesselers 12 Tissue Salts.

Remedies are effective for anything from fever to growing pains, runny nose to earache, colic to period pain. Remedies can be mixed and matched and taken frequently to give effective relief of symptoms with no side effects. Kids love them.


Monday - Thursday 8.30-5.30
Friday 8.30 -12


Call Jude on 0402 857799

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