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I am an international psychic.

Psychic Work

Servicing area

Perth, Kingsley and Joondalup

Focus areas

Motivation Wellness Nurturing Spiritual guidance Love Psychic development

Under the psychic umbrella come many subjects. My interests are:

Clairvoyancy and Medium 

Often I am able to sense things and seem to know what is about to take place. Spirits, loved ones who have passed over, will sometimes give me messages.

Online courses are available to learn spiritual development. Email me: judithk7@bigpond.com
Readings can also be booked through my website: www.judithkpsychic.com.au


The Australian Tarot Oracle are playing cards especially designed to allow a person to find messages in the cards. This often offers comfort to someone struggling with a decision. The cards have also been referred to as blessings cards by one of my clients.

When I first picked up a pack of Tarot cards I was quite young and instantly I seemed to be able to read them.

For a Tarot reading on line contact me through my website: www.judithkpsychic.com.au
To purchase the cards contact me through the above website email me judithk7@bigpond.com or purchase through eBay.


These are The Australian Tarot Oracle by JudithK



The Australian Tarot Oracle Cards by JudithK are unique because they reflect the mystical energies of the Australian nature.

They are purely Australian made and printed. The beautiful boxed cards come with a booklet to explain the meaning of each card and the suggested spreads the seeker can use. The swagman shown on the front of the box is typical to the outback of Australia. He has a magical theme where he makes things happen. He is strong, a hard worker, and knows how to make money. The swagman is considered a good card to pull from the pack. He offeres the seeker encouragment to make good things happen. There are 76 coloured picture cards. The Australian Tarot Oracle has never been seen like this before. The cards promote a positive slant to the meaning of each card.

Each card is exquisitely gold gilded attracting the attention of a tarot collector. 

The cards are prices at $200 per set + handling and postage.

To order contact Judith on judithk7@bigpond.com or mobile 0408 52 1115


I work with healing the soul through faith. Emotional strength is often a result of me nurturing the soul. I have had many comments where people have referred to my magic hands. My hands, however, are not magic but I have an ability to feel a person’s energy and start with the healing process. Healing through the voice may also be very effective. This works by a person starting to feel lighter just by having someone to talk to. This can be done over the phone. There was an article on the net: How to explain faith healing. From a scientific perspective, faith healing is unexplained, incomprehensible, and should not work. YET IT DOES. Nigel Barber, 2nd March 2011.

To book a healing: Contact me through my website: www.judithkpsychic.com.au


Numbers have always been found to be mysterious. Often, we see a specific number pop up a few days in a row. Lucky numbers are said to be the day a person is born or a special anniversary. Decisions may often revolve around a number.

To book an online appointment contact me: www.judithkpsychic.com.au


Dreams can be fun, exciting, sad or a nightmare. To interpret a dream often puts a soul’s mind at rest. Dreams are said to send us messages. Loved ones may visit in a dream. I have fun being able to put some meaning to the dream

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