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All Judiths' Training Courses are designed to deliver skills and philosophy to enable you to create effective and lasting relationships whether it be in your workplace, in your family, or in education.

Workshops and Programs

Servicing area

Melbourne and Country Victoria + Australia Wide via Zoom

Focus areas

Parenting Fears Growth Interpersonal Anxiety Anger

1. Parent Effectiveness Training P.E.T

How you and your family will benefit from P.E.T

  • learn how to work with each other instead of against each other
  • children learn self-control and a sense of personal responsibility
  • families become more peaceful and loving with less resentment.
  • children's self-esteem, confidence, and resilience will grow and more...

" When I put Active Listening into action, the arguments I usually have with adults do not happen, and the same with my children. Czesia M - Parent Effectiveness Training PET "

" This course was perfect for me. I was looking for an effective change in my life, mainly because things were not working for me. Rose F - Parent Effectiveness Training "

2. Other Communication Skills Training Programs Offered:

Leadership Effectiveness Training, Teacher Effectiveness Training Program and            Be Your Best.

Develop your personal and interpersonal communication and leadership skills to create more productive, efficient, and fulfilling relationships in your workplace or classroom, and in all areas of your life.  These three programs are beautifully designed and delivered in a group setting - the perfect way to practice and connect.

" My workplace relationships improved quickly and dramatically. I learned a lot about my needs and the needs of others. Eiran T - Personal Effectiveness Training "

" I really loved the Effectiveness Training Course. It honestly has opened up a whole new world of communication and understanding of myself and others. I listen so much better, am understood better, and am less afraid to speak from the heart. I look forward to taking Judith's parenting course now to hone my skills in the family. Silvia L - Personal Effectiveness Training "

3. Family Constellation Facilitator Training

Training developed by Judith to fulfill a growing need for Practitioners who are experienced in Family Constellations to learn how to facilitate family constellations for their clients 1:1 in an individual session. 

" I am always moved by how a Family Constellation supports a client to view their challenges and pain points from a different perspective,  leaving them with a picture that is often radically different to how they saw things beforehand… especially issues that have traditionally proven difficult to resolve. Judith Richardson (Program Trainer) "                                                           

" Judith is a very wise, knowledgeable, warm, curious, and compassionate teacher. Her wide experience and competence using this work has allowed us to be in a learning space that consistently promotes safety and learning. Michal de Willoughby, Psychotherapist / Group Facilitator / Educator " 

4. Instructor Training Workshops (ITW)

Train in either or both of the above Programs and become an Accredited Instructor of two of the world's most comprehensive, powerful and proven communication skills programs based on the work of Dr. Thomas Gordon and Linda Adams. This training offers a further opportunity to deepen and integrate your interpersonal skills.

" I am grateful to have had such a rich experience with Judith as a Trainer. Her loving, positive, warm and down-to-earth presence/style made my Instructor Training Workshop powerful. Purnima Guring, Canberra - Instructor Training "


  • Qualified: Holistic Counsellor; Family Constellation Therapist; Master Trainer Communication Skills and Parenting; Eft and The Work of Byron Katie

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