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Align Your Soul - Be Your Own Guide

Julie Lakshmi-Ananda

North Lakes QLD 4509

Servicing area: Brisbane, Northern Suburbs

Align Your Soul - Be Your Own Guide

Are Your Ready to Embody Your Truth and Live Your Life Authentically

Is It Time Yet?
You are on this earth with a purpose.
Do you know what it is yet?
My heart is right here for you, in your soul journey to remembrance.
The 'catch cry' at the moment - remember who you are.......
Well if you have already remembered, come with me, and I will guide you into Fully Embodying that and more....
you have to remember, and then some..
You Are Your Own Guide
The end result is you have your own back.
You finally not only remember and embody who you truly are; you begin to live your life - that life you always knew was possible.
And you live it as your authentic true self.

Qualification Details

Certificate IV Advanced Life Skills Coaching
Reiki I
Energy Healing

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Soul Alignment