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Breathwork and Lifeline Technique

Julie Way

40 Ebor Ave
Mile End SA 5031

Servicing area: Adelaide & Surrounds, based in Mile End, South Australia

Breathwork and Lifeline Technique
Qualified Breathworker and Rebirther Julie Way and her guest presenters bring you monthly presentations on a range of spiritually empowering topics. Venue: Rosefield Uniting Church Hall, 2-6 Carlton Street, Highgate. Call to book now!

Julie Way - Workshops

"Love is an act of endless forgiveness and blessings"

Julie Way Copyright 2006

Evening Presentations - Presented by Julie Way & Guest Presenters

Time: Doors open at 6:45pm for 7.00pm start. 9.30pm finish

Investment: $29 payment at the door, however bookings are important for catering and handouts.

Bookings essential - please click here to contact Julie.

Light, delicious, healthy, organic refreshments are provided at 8:30 pm break.

Please note: This is a polite request to please refrain from wearing any perfume or aftershave at these events for the consideration of other people. It is not always attractive, pleasant or comfortable for others. Thank you for your effort to comply with this request.

Venue: Rosefield Uniting Church Hall - 2-6 Carlton Street, Highgate
Ample parking is available. Click map on right to show location, otherwise, Carlton Street is located off Fullarton Rd near the Ferguson Avenue shops near Cross Road OR if coming from the city, second street on the right after the Fisher Street lights.

I reserve the right to change any detail including subjects, dates, presenters and venue. Please ensure your booking is made in advance to guarantee correctness, as details may have changed from time of first advertising. Thank you ~ Julie Way.

Friday January 31, 2020
Our True Purpose
​All of us have a unique, creative expression of who we are in this world, a role that only we can fulfill, a job that only we can do. This is a full evening of information about helping you discover a clearer path to the expression of yourself in a practical, meaningful ways, that is sitting right inside of you and that you have been expressing in some form all this time.
*NB Please bring pen and paper/notebook.
Friday February 28, 2020
The ego and our True, Loving, Divine Self
Most of us identify with our ego rather than the true innocent self that we are. This session is looking at what the ego in us actually is, how it manifests in our daily encounters and how we can identify more with what is Real in us in a meaningful, practical way.
Friday March 27, 2020
Understanding Anger 
One of anger's many good purposes and blessings is as a flag to let you know that there is an issue of forgiveness here, for oneself and others. We look at how it shows up in our lives when not expressed overtly. Tonight we explore anger in a different way than most, bringing keys to its transformation into true power, truth and peace for us.
Friday April 24, 2020
Freedom from Fear
This is a practical, powerful and enjoyable session in going beyond fear to true safety, trust and freedom. The good purpose of anything that is not Love is to make us aware that we have a choice around anything in our world. With awareness of the true nature of fear, we can then open to the harmonious resolution that the practice of our power of choice offers us. When we do, we palpably experience profound peace, healing, transformation, personal power, freedom and safety in the face of any fear from the largest to the smallest in our world. 
Friday May 29, 2020
Emotional Health and Healing
Our emotional life can be the least understood and often most perplexing area of our lives. By acknowledging how our emotions are truly serving us, in making us aware of our healing and growth, we can experience greater emotional empowerment, peace and fulfillment.
Friday June 26, 2020
The Mirror Principle
Why is a particular person in your life?
In this evening we look at people and things that upset us, that we feel angry about and which repeat themselves in our life. We will see the true purpose of their presence so that we can take responsibility, learn from the lesson they hold for us, make a different choice, heal and move forward from this point. Tonight will also include Advanced Mirror Cleaning Principles of *Ho'oponopono ~ another way to bring profound Peace to your experience. Tonight we explore the practice of how to do Love through Forgiveness applied in our every day, down to earth human experience that simultaneously, unites us deeply and experientially with our Spirit, our True Self of Pure Love.
Friday July 31, 2020
The Power and Authenticity of the Truth
This is an empowering practice that changes lives. A commitment to telling the truth all the time can be quite challenging for most of us, even when we think we are basically an honest person, as our mind will always find a justification for when we do not. Tonight is a relatively new topic based on the power and consequences of telling the truth faster with compassion and the limiting consequences of when we do not. Julie shares her experience of committing to telling the truth since July 2014 at a whole new level and the profound benefits, enrichment, and change of awareness it has brought. Based on the inspirational work of Gary King.
Friday August 28
The Journey of Forgiveness and The Miraculous Life
Forgiveness is one of the most profound ways to resolve issues of pain, anger, struggle and guilt that have the effect of blocking our awareness of the truth, love, and innocence in us. Tonight is about what the journey of applying only a tiny bit of willingness to forgive on our part actually looks like (without condoning poor behavior.) Even more so, it’s the outcome of this willingness to forgive what seems so inexcusable and unforgivable in our world, that is the inspiration and beacon for us to do so, where we experience the realization of true freedom, safety and deep peace, in place of the fear, pain and betrayal of suffering in any area of our life. 
Friday September 25, 2020
The Healing Power of Relationships
Relationships are one of the most fundamental settings in which we heal, grow, learn and evolve.
Tonight we see how we can take 100% responsibility and accountability for everything in our close relationships, even if we do not like it. We get to see that every upset is a set up, to heal something unresolved/unfelt in us so we can be free of it and Love more. We take a closer look at the subconscious, repetitive patterns in relationships that cause us upsets and where we struggle and suffer and how to navigate our way through our relationships more consciously. When we do, we experience more growth, freedom, safety, love and connection with ourselves and our partner, which are the true gifts that an intimate relationship holds for us.
Friday October 30, 2020
Healing Guilt
Guilt is the most uncomfortable feeling there is, that is why we suppress it. Yet it then shows up in our lives as suffering in some form, as guilt always seeks punishment and punishment demands pain This lecture provides insights into what guilt really is, how it affects us in our lives and keys to the healing of guilt from a practical, powerful perspective. Something alchemical happens that seems to defy logic in applying simple forgiveness to ourselves, a situation, person or memory, that transcends and transforms our experience into Truth, that transmutes our experience into the Miraculous. The most powerful and profound practices are the ones that are so simple. 
Friday November 20, 2020 (not 27th as previously advertised)
The Power of Defencelessness and Trust
When we argue against and resist anything, we give it more power and permission to exist and stay the same. Pressure something and initially resistance often follows. Tonight’s fundamental perspective definitely goes against everything we have been conditioned to do, when faced with something that upsets, angers or affronts us. Rather than protect ourselves with defence, there is another way to navigate our experiences that brings us true trust, safety, peace and power. 

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I have been in practice since 1986 as Rebirther/Breathworker and started training others in this area in 1992 after serving a 6 year apprenticeship in training with Diane McCann. I specialise in How to Extend Forgiveness and Love. I have studied and practiced A Course in Miracles principles since 1980 and run ACinM study/support groups.


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