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Kai is a personal trainer with over 8 years experience working directly with clients to become healthier, stronger, happier and to look better.

Move Smarter. Move Better. Move More

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Servicing Eastern Suburbs, CBD and parts of Inner West

Focus areas

Movement Motivation Purpose

Movement is about more than just training so hard you can’t get out of bed in the morning. My methods of training focus around moving well and getting the most amount of benefit for the work you put it.


By training in a purposeful way, you can achieve a lot more. My training is quite high intensity, but with the focus on learning new exercises at every stage of your development.


My training is useful for you if you want to improve your physical capabilities, your mobility, your motivation to exercise and your sport performance. It will also suit people who are coming back from injury.


Stop wasting time with your training and start moving smarter!


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