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Karen Adès

82 Maud St
Unley SA 5061

Servicing area: Adelaide, Unley, Parkside and Eastern Suburbs

Karen Adès

Karen Adès is a highly skilled practitioner of Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine, providing effective, highly individualised health care. Her evidence-based practice combines the strengths of traditional medicine with the demonstrated outcomes provided by clinical data and scientific research.

Karen has over 17 years experience in Allied Health and provides Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine to successfully treat a wide range of illnesses, stress related conditions and acute / chronic pain (including difficult-to-treat pain).

She previously practiced as a Senior Practitioner with the renowned Acupuncture IVF Support / Pregnancy Clinic in Sydney before relocating to Adelaide this year.

Scared of needles? Karen is able to cater for sensitive patients using painless low-density laser in place of traditional needles.

Karen is registered and licensed to provide acupuncture by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Karen Adès - Acupuncture + Chinese Medicine

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture improves the body's physiological function and promotes healing by stimulating specific anatomic sites--commonly referred to as acupuncture points. Each acupoint has a number of physiological actions. During an acupuncture treatment, Karen will carefully select a combinations of acupoints that are gently stimulated to address the specific symptoms as well as the underlying causes of your health condition.

Western scientific research shows that acupuncture is able to:

  • positively alter neuro-endocrine factors

  • increase the production of natural, endogenous opioids

  • modulate abnormal immune responses

  • stimulate physiological function via sympathetic nerve reflex responses

  • increase blood flow to targeted areas

Benefits of acupuncture:

  • provides drug-free pain relief

  • effectively treats a wide range of acute and chronic ailments

  • treats the symptoms as well as the underlying cause of disease

  • provides highly individualised approach to treatment

  • assists in the prevention of illness & promotes good health

Moxibustion (also known as Moxa) is a traditional Chinese heat treatment that is frequently used to augment Acupuncture. It is a very relaxing therapy. Moxa stimulates, warms and invigorates physiological processes and can be used to treat conditions caused or aggravated by cold. In some situations, a take-home moxa treatment plan may be prescribed to support your treatment.

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Qualification Details

Bachelor of Health Science
Master of Medical Science (currently undertaking)
Registered and Licensed to provide Acupuncture with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia / Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

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