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Kate L McCarthy

Dubbo NSW 2830

Kate L McCarthy

Sharing tools to become more aware and more conscious of the choices we make and the type of life we are creating for ourselves. 

Kate L McCarthy - Creating Massive Change

Workshops & Classes

Attend a scheduled class or connect with me to arrange one for you, your workplace or community. 

Access Bars Class – 1 Day Certification

Access Consciousness® is a set of tools, techniques, and processes, specifically designed to facilitate more consciousness and in turn empower you to create the life that you have always wanted to live.

The first class in Access Consciousness is Access Bars®. You will learn to run The Bars® in this 1-Day Practitioner Training. Once you have become certified The Bars® sessions to friends and family and paying clients.

Intro to Access Bars®

You do not need to have any prior knowledge. Even children can do it! You will learn about The Bars®, practice gifting and receiving a short Bars® session, and learn a few additional skills.

How Much are You Willing to Receive?

In this 3-hour class we will workj on Money, it doesn’t matter what you do it still feels like there is too little…. And there is often the stress that it will not be enough that holds you back from the choices that you would like to make? The tools learned from this class can be utilised for all areas of your life.

Create! More Time, More Money, More Joy

This class is for you if you would like your life, your work, or your business to create something entirely different for yourself and for the planet.

In this 3-Hour Class we'll cover how you can wake up very day with the choice to create your life because “Your life is your business and your business is your life.” - Simone Milasas. If you are stuck in a comfortable or conventional way of doing business or living your life that feels limited - it doesn’t have to be that way!  You can create more Time, more Money and more Joy...

How Different Are You Willing To Be?

Spending time in this world can seem almost impossible to have any choice other than fitting in and being like everybody else.  It even seems like the thing to strive for ... being normal, being sane are things we should be according to many others. Funny thing is... how insane does it drive you trying to be sane?

In this 3-Hour Class we’ll play with tools and different perspectives on how to get out of being the effect of other people, your past, your life story and move into the discovering of what you are capable of.

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