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Kat Hathaway

Kat Hathaway

Servicing area: Emerald, Dandenong Ranges

Kat Hathaway

A focus on relationship, mindfulness, meaning, honouring, enchantment and the sacred.

Kat Hathaway - Soul Centred Psychotherapist & Relationship Counsellor

Relationship Counselling

With Soul Centred Imago Dialogue Therapy, I can teach you and your partner to communicate deeply, respectfully and with love.
This can help you explore and develop all areas of your relationship ...the physical/sexual, intellectual, emotional, soulful.

Relationship counselling sessions are 1½ to 2 hours in length.
Fee $160

Soul Centred Psychotherapy

Soul Centred Psychotherapy is a Jungian based psychotherapeutic modality, developed in Australia in the 1980’s by Dr Kaali Cargill and Andrew Cargill. There are around 30 Soul Centred Psychotherapists throughout Melbourne. The (ASCP), Association of Soul Centred Psychotherapists, is a constituent member of PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia).

Soul Centred Psychotherapy attends to the human experience through the everyday stuff of life: our thoughts, emotions, body sensations and symptoms, and the relationships we have with others and the world. Value, meaning, and healing emerge from within each person’s unique process of inner work rather than from any external ideal. Soul Centred psychotherapy is not about fixing something that is broken, but about attending to the rich language of soul as it manifests in our day to day lives.

In Soul Centred psychotherapy, we allow time to develop relationship with whatever is happening, to attend fully to inner experience, and to work respectfully and systematically for change. We use techniques from energy psychology to support the processing of painful memories and past traumatic experiences. This ensures that the process is not overwhelming and that change and healing occur appropriately for each person.

Soul Centred Psychotherapy is a modality based in an institution, well known throughout Melbourne and Australia as the Kairos Centre. The Kairos Centre is an ongoing training organisation which offers training to interested people.

The training program runs over 3 years and is offered in 2 stages. The first 18 months is designed to provide the personal orientation and practical skills necessary for developing as a therapist, counsellor and healer. The following stage of the course comprises a series of modules offered over eighteen months (6 terms).  The work from Stage 1 forms the basis for ongoing study and practice of therapeutic interventions. 
Training takes place in a group setting with an emphasis on experiential work. 

Psychotherapeutic techniques… EMDR, tapping, hypnotherapy, art therapy, dreamwork, ritual.

Do you want to do more than just talk in therapy?... As a Soul Centred Psychotherapist, I utilize techniques which help clients have a more conscious, creative and manageable relationship with their experiences, and to alleviate the unbearable aspect that such experiences can have. Not all of the methods described below suit every client. This is one of the advantages of working within a truly client centred modality. I am able to adapt to my client’s needs and use techniques appropriate to them, instead of expecting my clients to fit into a single, limited framework.

These techniques include:

    • Tapping/Thought Matrix Meridian Therapy
    • EMDR/Bilateral Stimulation Processing
    • therapeutic ritual
    • dreamwork
    • working with parts of the self
    • hypnotherapy/trance work
    • creative therapy
    • working with archetypes
    • chakra work

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