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Kerryn Reichelt

Kerryn Reichelt

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Energy Healing & Holistic Counselling Self Development Courses

Kerryn Reichelt

Servicing area

Mornington Peninsula area, VIC

Focus areas

Growth Emotions Grief Stress Management Physical health Joy

We all have the power & wisdom to create the life that we desire.

About Me

I began my career as a Registered Nurse and later trained as a Psychologist. As I became more aware of alternative therapies and experienced the benefits of these in my own life, I decided to train and work in these fields. I have found these modalities to be very effective and rewarding ways of working with people who desire quality of life and positive personal growth.

Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling combines mainstream counselling skills with a variety of healing processes which incorporate the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Working with the ‘whole’ person allows healing to take place at a deep level so that change may occur. I am passionate about encouraging people to live to their full potential in terms of health, relationships, career, prosperity and to experience inner peace and joy in their lives. Holistic Counselling can provide you with the opportunity to move beyond the issues which may be blocking you from living the life you want to live.

You Can Use Holistic Counselling
  • For Support & growth through everyday stresses
  • To explore & gain clarity on any personal challenges/issues
  • To heal the past
  • To increase awareness and understanding of yourself, your true potential and purpose
  • To release emotional blockages
  • To work through emotional upheaval e.g. Grief
  • To create more balance in your life
  • To create healthy self-esteem
  • For support with relationship issues

Energy Healing

Energy healing is gentle yet powerful. The person receiving the healing relaxes on the treatment table fully clothed. The practitioner’s hands are placed over the body in various positions, allowing the Energy/Universal life force to flow through to the receiver.

Most people feel a sense of deep relaxation during the healing. The healing energy releases blockages and works on the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies. The receiver may gain more insight and clarity and/or experience emotional release as well as feel more relaxed and balanced. The healing balances the energy centers in the body which helps to replenish your energy levels and promotes physical health.

The holistic philosophy supports the principle that our beliefs / thoughts determine the emotions we experience. This in turn influences our physical health. An important part of the healing process is becoming aware of and releasing any unsupportive beliefs and emotions which underlie the issue. When we release these blocks, we are free to choose more positive thoughts which will create positive emotional responses and enhanced physical health. We are also more able to make empowered choices which optimise our personal potential.


“I felt deeply relaxed and centred during the session and for many days afterwards. It was a positive new experience, one I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank-you Kerryn”

“If you have something to heal, forgive or release, whether it is soul, body or mind, it would benefit anyone greatly to have a session with Kerryn. I would highly recommend Kerryn to anyone.”

“Kerryn’s repaired what emotional baggage has surfaced. After each healing I feel as if I can walk through brick walls and take on the world. I cannot speak highly enough of her”

“This lady is absolutely outstanding in the quality ofhealing and care she will give you. I highly recommend her healing to anyone. My heart cannot thank Kerryn enough for what she has done for me”


  • Graduate Diploma In Psychology
  • Diploma In Holistic Counselling

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