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Melissa Fitzsimon Kinesiology

Elanora QLD 4221

Melissa Fitzsimon Kinesiology

Stressed? Anxious? Can’t move forward in Life?

Melissa Fitzsimon Kinesiology


Hello, and Welcome! I am Melissa and I am here to help you to take a step back from your crazy busy life and to introduce you to some important ways to manage stress and anxiety.

I bring to the table Passion, Positivity and an absolute empathy and caring to help you move away from the stress and anxiety and into a future of calm, focus and purpose.

I am here to help you. All that I have done, learnt, and experienced up to this point, has brought me to a place that I can hold space for all the beautiful people that suffer from Anxiety and Stress and not being able to move forward in life.

I know first hand the effects of Stress, Anxiety and Adrenal Fatigue. I remember feeling the overwhelm of wanting to remove this from my life but not knowing where to start, and feeling like I was too busy and too tired to care for myself.

It is time to put you first. I look forward to going on this journey with you and creating positive change in your life.


This is a special journey in your life, and it is time to learn and grow. You have been pushed to the point that something has to change and I think you are ready.

We are going to work together to create change. 

I will help you shift emotional blockages and help you release habit patterns that no longer serve you. This will help you move forward and allow you to feel more confident, focused and at peace with yourself. 

As we are working together, you will be participating and implementing changes at home. 

Kinesiology is a Holistic Therapy that uses muscle testing to find what your body needs to correct any imbalances and health issues. Kinesiology works with muscles, accupressure points, meridian and stress release points to help the body come into a place of healing.  

I recommend you have 3 sessions a couple of weeks apart to really allow the momentum of change and then a follow up session in either 2, 6 or 12 monthly for a tune up.

Skype sessions available. What? How is this possible?  Well, because Kinesiology works on the energy of your body. It is possible to use a surrogate in a treatment when the person is far away or to unwell to have a treatment. It works a bit the same as distance Reiki. So, I can work on you from anywhere in the world!


  • Kinesiology 90 minutes = $90
    • Package of 3 = $240

  • Hyperton X 60 minutes = $70
    • Package of 3 = $180


I believe that meditating is the number one way to reduce stress and anxiety from your life. I meditate everyday and it allows me to refocus and stay present. It helps me to not get carried away with the craziness of life, so I can keep productivity going without distractions. 

Ah, I hear you say, “I don’t have time to meditate.” Well I am here to say that you don’t have time not to! Taking the time out for 15 – 20minutes a day will actually increase productivity. It has been scientifically proven, that with regular meditation you will accomplish more within the same amount of time. It helps you stay focused, and tune out distractions. 

We are all given the same amount of time in one day. You just need to prioritise what is important for your health and your business. 

You can meditate at any time of the day. You could get up 20 min earlier in the morning. You could take time out on your lunch break. You could have a meditation before you go to sleep at night (this is great if you have problems getting to sleep). 

The 3 mediations on offer are

Meditation for busy people.

 A short 15 minute meditation that is perfect to listen to if you are needing some extra focus at work.  It will help you work through any stress and tension you feel and help you reconnect with your body and its needs. 

Breathing out stress and anxiety

This meditation is wonderful and relaxing. It takes you away to another place but also gives you great tools to use through out  the day to manage stress and anxiety.

Chakra balancing

A 20 minute meditation that helps you balance the 7 energy centres in your body. These energy centres need to be in balance to allow you to have a happy balanced life. 

All 3 Meditations will be on the site soon!

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