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Kieser’s targeted physiotherapy programs take into account a person’s individual condition, lifestyle, injury, and disability. Book now & save 50% on your initial assessment.

Physiotherapy for Chronic Pain, Mobility, Balance & Sports Injuries

Focus areas

Lower back pain Weight management Eating habits Chronic pain Continence Stiffness


Kieser’s highly trained physiotherapists use world-class rehabilitation equipment and facilities to target different conditions.

Back Pain or Spinal Program

The Spinal Program at Kieser combines contemporary physiotherapy with their unique spinal strengthening programs. 

This unique approach breaks the cycle of deconditioning and targets the reconditioning of deep spinal muscles. 

Physiotherapists use the Lumbar Extension machine to test your back’s mobility and the strength of your deep spinal muscles.

With over 20 years of clinical and scientific evidence, Kieser’s spinal rehabilitation program has been supported and reviewed by more than 50 peers. 


Your team of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists will review your bone density scans and build an individualised strength training program to improve your bone health. 

The training program for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis have important aspects to consider including:

  • Variable bone loading - bones must be loaded from different directions to get a response
  • Double programs - this is recommended to ensure different variations of bone loading
  • Hip and spine focus - most common areas to sustain a fracture
  • High frequency training - training of 3 times a week is recommended but 2 can still deliver great results

Pre/Post Surgical Programs

Kieser’s pre/post surgery programs aim to help clients prepare their body before surgery and improve recovery.

The Pre Surgery Program is a workout routine that you can do 4-6 weeks before surgery. The exercises should help increase your range of motion while waiting for surgery and speed up your recovery time.

The Post Surgical Program should help you ease back to your regular physical activities. It has two parts:

  • Post surgical exercise - a 4-week home exercise program and then biweekly afterwards. 
  • Post surgical physiotherapy - a weekly program for 6-12 weeks to increase your range of movement.


Kieser’s accredited Exercise Physiologists can help design an exercise program if you’re looking to reduce joint pains and increase your strength and mobility.

Though some arthritis medications offer some relief, they cause side effects like weight gain, muscle loss, decreased bone density and fatigue.

If performed properly, strength training can help reverse these side effects. Strength training for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis will help build up muscles and protect affected joints. 

Sports Injuries

Kieser’s team physiotherapists are equipped and prepared to treat all types of sports injuries from all popular sports. 

Sports Injuries Program are designed by physiotherapists by first isolating, testing and comparing the strength of the muscles important in your sport. With this, they can plan out a program based on your muscles’ weaknesses and strengths to prevent injuries in the future.

Falls and Balance

If you’ve had falls, have poor balance or looking to improve your sport performance, Kieser has programs customised to each individual’s specific needs. 

They’re designed to improve balance to prevent falls, improve posture and discomfort. 

Chronic Pain

Pain, fatigue, stress caused by chronic pain conditions is as frustrating as it is debilitating. 

When you have control over your chronic pain, you have the opportunity to regain your mobility, rebuild your muscle and joint strength, improve your quality of sleep, boost your energy levels and feel better about yourself. 

Strength training can help you achieve all these so you can live a pain-free life. Book at your local clinic or a telehealth appointment.


  • Exercise and Sports Science Australia Accredited

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