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Kinesiology Sanctuary

Mareise Dooley

299 Auburn Rd
Hawthorn VIC 3122

Servicing area: Hawthorn & Melbourne VIC

Kinesiology Sanctuary

I believe kinesiology can help us make positive changes in our lives by bringing balance and putting our bodies in an optimum state for self-healing.

Kinesiology: Western & Eastern Healing Technique, Muscle Testing

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the best combination of Western science and Eastern healing methods. It works on the basis that in order to have total health, we must look at the individual as a whole. Factors that may possibly effect the physical body will not only have an effect on other parts of the body but will have an effect on the emotions and the mind as well. For example, chronic back pain may lead to someone feeling depressed and furthermore, may contribute to excessive worry could contribute to the development of a digestive issue or a stomach ulcer. Symptoms are our body’s method of communicating something to us, Kinesiology will work to address and to heal these issues and restore balance to the whole body and mind.

How is it practiced?

Kinesiology is a gentle, safe and non-invasive method of healing and it is conducted with you remaining fully clothed. Kinesiology utilises muscle testing by gentle pressing on muscles and will ask easy questions talking directly to your body’s unique energy system to see how it response. If the muscles holds steady in response to a specific question, your system is responding with a ‘yes’. If the muscle is stressed, your body is relaying ‘no’. You will not be able to control these responses, as they are subconscious in nature. I will then utilise acupressure, light muscle testing techniques and Kinesiology methods to de-stress the chosen region for healing.

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