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Laxmi Therapy

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Broadmeadow NSW 2292

Servicing area: Broadmeadow and North Lambton, NSW

Laxmi Therapy

Interest in meditation has increased significantly in recent years because of the growing research and evidence base demonstrating health benefits. Meditation is great for our bodies, minds and spirits.

Laxmi Therapy - Meditation


I strongly believe that all kinds of meditation are valuable. Different kinds of meditation suit different kinds of people and the styles that I provide originate from Buddhist and Hindu metaphysical traditions simply because I, and others I have worked with have found effective.

Daily meditation practice helps to develop a more peaceful, present, and harmonious lifestyle, which flows into every other area of your life. We live in such a complex and stressful world that it can be very easy to get lost in all of the details. All meditation practice is designed to bring you back to peace, simplicity, and ultimately enlightenment.

Meditation group every Tuesday evening, 6.30 at the Community Hall, St Josephs, corner Farquar and Kenrick Street, The Junction.  Offered by recommended minimum donation of $15.

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