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Bowen Therapy is suited to all age groups: the frail or elderly, middle aged and the very young. It is very gentle.

Wilma Littler Bowen Therapy

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Hampton, Victoria

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Joint pain Haemorrhoids Sinus Love Hydration Frozen shoulder

Back Pain? Walking difficulties? Tennis elbow? RSI? Frozen shoulder? Asthma? Hay Fever? Indigestion? Reflux? Dizziness? Headaches? Migraines? Joint Pain? Haemorrhoids? Bunions? Exhaustion?...

Do something about it!

...choose Bowen Therapy with

Wilma Littler

Bowen Therapist

What is Bowen Therapy?

  • It is a series of very gentle moves ("Bowen Moves") made by rolling the thumbs or fingers across muscles, tendons or ligaments.
  • The order in which these moves are made is very specific.
  • The Bowen Moves loosen the tissue, initiating a relaxation of the muscle (probably through rehydration), paving the way for a re-alignment of the body. They reduce nerve pressure and promote healing.
    (Why and how does Bowen Therapy work? or The importance of water and How does Bowen Therapy create greater flexibility/mobility?)
  • Bowen Therapy is the preferred method of "Body Maintenance" for many of my clients.

    • Muscle and joint problems, e.g. tennis elbow, painful shoulders, arms and hands,
    • General or specific stiffness in the body
    • Restricted movement in upper or lower back, hips, legs or feet; bunions
    • Exhaustion/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Glandular fever/
    • Lymphatic Drainage
    • Asthma, hay fever, sinus problems or congestion
    • Haemorrhoids
    What is Bowen Therapy treatment like?

    • Bowen Therapy is suited to all age groups: the frail or elderly, middle aged and the very young. It is very gentle.
    • Your treatment usually lasts approx. an hour or a little more. Some treatments only require 30 minutes.
    • Bowen Moves may be applied through clothing, but are best given directly to the skin. You will be covered by towels at all times and kept warm. Oils are not used.

      The number of treatments varies, but to address specific issues usually 2, 3 or 4 treatments are given one week apart. Bowen Therapy aims to extend the times between treatments as soon as practical and as a rule fresh ailments respond faster than older, "well established" or chronic ones.

      About Wilma Littler

      Please note: My Website is under reconstruction and will be resurrected soon.

      I began with Bowen Therapy in 1999, trained with ISBT, the "International School of Bowen Therapy" in Melbourne, achieved "Proficiency" in 2000 and was accredited as a Bowen Therapist with the "Bowen Therapists Association of Victoria" (BTAV) in 2001.

      I am a member of the Bowen Therapists Association of Victoria (BTAV) and I am registered as a Provider with many private health insurance companies.

      Lisa Black and Col Murray, the Directors of ISBT, have very skilfully set me on my path of Bowen Therapy. Their insights and guidance have provided me with a very good foundation in Bowen Therapy. Max Walker, a Bowen Therapist from Western Australia, now in his eighties, has been an inspiration to me. Russell Sturgess, a Bowen Therapy teacher, now semi-retired, wrote a most interesting article on "Fascia", which was enlightening to me. It allowed me to understand connective tissue much better and encouraged me to think and develop along those lines.

      Since my initial training I have participated in further education at many opportunities:

      • ISBT Advanced Course "The Next Step"
      • Several modules of Ross Emmetts Course "Emmett Technique"
      • Brian Smarts complete course for existing Bowen Therapists: "Smart Bowen"
      • Dorn Spinal Therapy (from Germany)
      I have attended numerous workshops, conferences convened by the various State Bowen Therapist Associations etc.

      On many occasions I have assisted in running ISBT-Courses (the Foundation Course and Advanced Course "The Next Step", as well as Revision Days) each time remembering and learning a little bit more.

      When Lisa Black and Col Murray, the Directors of ISBT, began to teach Bowen Therapy overseas, i.e. in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, their Manual of the Foundation Course had to be translated into German. This I embraced with great enthusiasm and interest. My love for "just the right word", my medical background and my connections in Germany set me in good stead to provide ISBT with a good translation: I had grown up in Germany in a doctors family, I have several siblings trained in medical jobs. I trained in "Medical Technology", worked in Germany as well as at "Prince Henrys Hospital" in Melbourne, Australia (before it was moved to and amalgamated with "Monash Medical Centre"). All these factors contributed to furnishing the International School of Bowen Therapy (ISBT) with a good German version of their excellent manuals both of the Foundation Course and, a little later, their Advanced Course, "The Next Step".

      My practice is located in Hampton, the Bayside Area of the South Eastern part of Melbourne.

      You can contact me by telephone (03 9598 5063) or email.

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