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Leanne Waters

Leanne Waters Holistic Kinesiology

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Kinesiology takes the tension out of your day and allows you the freedom of personal growth and development without the obstacles of self-doubt and negative beliefs getting in your way.

Leanne Waters Holistic Kinesiology

Servicing area

Echuca, Victoria

Focus areas

Pressure points Fears Chronic health issues Anxiety Grief Stress Management


Stress & Pain Relief:

Enhance your ability to cope

Addictions & Phobias:

Understand and calm your fears

Depression, Anxiety:

Promote emotional balance and well-being

Learning problems:

Improve your memory and your ability to learn.

Digestive disorders:

Irritable bowel, candidiasis, low HCL and more.

Chronic Illness:

Listen to your body, support and build up your system


Become mentally clear and focused on achieving your goals


Improve your relationships with your new inner peace

Chronic Fatigue:

Unblock your energy, balance your immune system


Support and re-balance throughout the grieving process.


Regular tune-ups to enhance your well-being and keep you grounded.


First and foremost, kinesiology uses the innate wisdom of YOUR BODY to communicate what YOU NEED to enable healing to occur.
Kinesiology is the ability to tap into your subconscious mind through the fascinating technique of muscle monitoring.

Muscles hold all our stresses. Just notice the difference between how a happy person walks (tall and erect) and how a sad or depressed person moves (usually slumped and slow).

The stresses identified can be physical, (such as pain, stiffness or other disorders), emotional, (such as when emotional pain impacts your neck muscles or affects your digestion) or it can be of a more spiritual nature (such as negative beliefs that weigh you down).

As we progress through our days, we take on a multitude of varying degrees of stress and quite often we ignore them, often suppressing rather than processing them. So now we have a stiff shoulder or neck and our knees are becoming rigid or our head begins to ache or our digestion plays up.

The gentle art of muscle monitoring is used to determine if you are holding stress in your body, and where. Once identified, the tension and stress can be diffused by using a variety of non-invasive methods, leaving you feeling very relaxed and calm.

EG: By using Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure points, sound therapy, and Australian Bush Flower essences, your issue or condition can be greatly eased.

KINESIOLOGY CAN GENTLY AND SKILLFULLY GET TO THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CONDITION and in doing so, can reprogram or release the negative belief or emotional charge that started the problem in the first place.
THIS IS REAL HEALING! Kinesiology does not just treat the symptoms.

If you are dedicated to your health and well-being, then kinesiology can do wonders for you because you are a willing participant in your own healing journey.


$100 –standard consultation, includes flower essence - 60 minutes

$80- concession, includes flower essence remedy to take home

$150- TRE (trauma release exercises) & kinesiology session.

$70- children under 10- 45 minutes
$80-children 10 to 14 -up to 60 minutes

Health Rebates available

Sorry no card facilities


56 Warren St Echuca 3564


By appointment only
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - 9.00am to 5.00pm
Other times by arrangement


On the first meeting, we sit down and go through your medical history and discuss the reason for the visit.

You then remove your shoes and lie down on the consultation table where I go through a series of muscle monitoring tests on you.
This simply means I place your arm or leg in a certain position and I ask you to hold it in that position while I use gentle pressure to try to move it. If that muscle is in homeostasis, there will be no movement. However, if there is a stress present, that muscle will give way (or unlock)
I will also use acupressure points to give me more information on your condition.

Throughout the session, I will ask you certain questions relating to what I find and we discuss this or you simply hold the thought.
Correcting any imbalances found will often mean administering a homeopathic dose of flower essence or it could mean using sound therapy or applying acupressure.

After the treatment, you will more than likely feel very relaxed and peaceful. Sometimes, it can have the opposite affect on you, depending what has been shifted or processed. Any uncomfortable symptoms last only a few hours or at the most, a day or so and then you should be feeling on top of the world.

Depending on the presenting problem, positive changes can be seen and felt after three to five sessions. Chronic problems require a longer period of treatment.

Leanne Waters Holistic Kinesiology

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