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Learning Strategies

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Learning Strategies

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Malua Bay, New South Wales

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Learning Strategies

I am a local mother of two, one of which was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. In my quest to find a natural drug free solution to help my son, I found Brain Gym® & Kinesiology to be of great benefit for his academic & emotional wellbeing as well as maintaining his self esteem, essential for learning.

Seeing the changes in my son I studied full time for 2 years to learn how I could help other children & parents who find they are looking for strategies to help their child as I continue to do.
I have a Certificate IV in Kinesiology, a Brain Gym ® Instructor Licence & Brain Gym for Special Needs certificate. I continue to add to & update my qualifications. I would love to pass on to you the fun & easy ways for enhanced learning strategies.

Do you have concerns about any of the following?
  • Delayed development/milestones
  • Poor co-ordination – Hand/Eye Co-ordination, Gross & Fine Motor Skills
  • Speech problems, delays in speech development
  • Thumb sucking, bed wetting, incontinence
  • Poor Posture
  • Visual & sight problems - wears glasses, loses place while reading, struggles to look from book/desk to blackboard (near to far)
  • Poor spatial awareness – bumps into things, trips over own feet, clumsy
  • Learning difficulties
  • Difficulty with writing, reading, spelling, maths, homework
  • Reversal of letters/numbers, doesn’t know left from right
  • Difficulty completing tasks, following instructions
  • Quick temper, easily frustrated,
  • Hyperactivity
  • Depression, anxiety, stress
  • Behavioural, self esteem, motivational issues
  • Separation anxieties

As a parent of a child with a Learning Difficulty I have a deep understanding of the how it makes you feel and the challenges faced by both the parents & child. I am able to relate to parents & children on a personal level & I have found that Brain Gym ® & Kinesiology have given me the tools to help reduce the behaviour, symptoms & emotions that are experienced.
I see clients one on one so that individual challenges can be focused on as my clients are of varying ages and abilities. Kids find the sessions fun and not at all like work, yet still get huge benefits academically. My adult clients leave feeling relaxed & vibrant with renewed energy.


My son (11 years) has struggled with outbursts and behaviour in class. My son was having trouble with anxiety, anger and insomnia and was unable to articulate what was happening. I began to get frustrated that there was nothing I could do to help him, but knew there must be something out there! I found an alternative to medication, I found Brain Gym. After a few appointments with Julie my son was able to collate his thoughts more orderly and express how he was feeling without anxiety. I believe it has been the great work that Julie has done with my son that has given him the foundation to excel.

My daughter (6 years) was born with turned eyes. After several ophthalmologist visits & a failed corrective surgery, the symptoms remained. I wondered if there was an alternative so I brought her to Learning Strategies to strengthen her vision & prepare her for school. We found it helped immensely & at each visit to the eye specialist there was improvement convincing me the Brain Gym was working as it was the only therapy she was receiving. This past year she was diagnosed with Epilepsy which is believed to be the cause of her eye problems. The MRI results showed she had a small section of her brain missing & the neurologist was surprised she was doing as well as she was, he asked me what I had been doing…I answered Brain Gym. He told me “don’t stop as it’s obviously helping her!” This has proved to me that Brain Gym really helps.

I have suffered for years working through my emotional baggage, seeking the help of counsellors and have been on anti-depressants for approximately 2 years. Anti-depressants made me feel out of touch & I wanted to find an alternative way of dealing with my depression. A friend told me about Kinesiology & I knew that something was better than nothing. I was recommended to see Julie at Learning Strategies. She has given me the strategies to keep the darkness away. I feel lighter & I’m now able to engage more with people in the community. I feel excited about my future because I have been going to job interviews with a new confidence that I didn’t have before.
Thank you Julie (Female in her 30’s)

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