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Leigh Bird Hair & Tanning

Leigh O'Brien

The Blue House
634 Logan Rd
Greenslopes QLD 4120

Servicing area: Greenslopes QLD

Leigh Bird Hair & Tanning

Dedicated beauty salon for hair, beauty, massages & other therapies for body & soul treatment.

Skilled & Trained Hair Stylists & Beauty Therapists

About The Blue House

The Blue House is dedicated to hair & beauty, massages & therapies, spray tanning, and the realm of body & soul treatments.

You should expect to develop a unique friendship with your stylist Leigh when visiting the Blue House.

Leigh Bird Hair and Tanning

  • Our stylists are certified and educated in precision cutting and razoring, as well as hair colour experts 
  • You would expect to receive the same quality at every visit.
  • We must allow time to consider the hair needs until we begin to understand it.
  • We will also take it into consideration and make exciting new suggestions based on your hair care, budget and what fits you.

Using our organic tanning spray, our tanning experts will surprise you. It takes just a couple of minutes and has no artificial orange feel!

We welcome you as a visitor and we give you a personalised service of assured satisfaction. 

Book now and let us take care of you.