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Lexie Petroff

Lexie Petroff


Servicing area: HAWTHORN, Victoria

Lexie Petroff

Lexie Petroff

Lexie is committed to preventative medicine for longevity. Be empowered with education to reach your full potential.

Lexie is experienced in pre-conception, paediatrics, male and female hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue, allergies and desensitization using phenolics therapy.

She has a passion for preventative medicine and helping people invest in their future health. People believe health is the absence of disease or symptoms, but there can be significant insidious dysfunction without symptoms.

Lexie is able to help provide you with the best natural medication for your body to rebalance. She points out however, that disease needs to be addressed at the cause and often detoxification is necessary.

Lifestyle is just as important along with dietary advice, possible detoxification and bioenergetic correction. Dr Irwin Rosenberg has shown, with proper nutrition and exercise, 90 year old women could reverse catabolism. Strength training in these women changed their growth and repair similar to an anabolic 30 year old.

Strength training can reverse the ageing process. Lexie encourages you to work-out with personal trainers at a gymnasium.

Otherwise she is able to introduce you to your own home exercise programme (tube-train).

Exercise also helps lymphatic drainage, detoxification and improves vitality.

Qualification Details

  • Bachelor of Science In Natural Therapies Naturopathy S.S.N.T Graduate
  • Diploma in Acupuncture
  • Diploma in Botanical Medicine

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