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Lida Zannier

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Energy Healing goes beyond therapy,reconnecting you to your essence.True Healing is then possible

Lida Zannier - Reiki

Servicing area

Brisbane South,Coorparoo and global via Skype,Phone fluent English,French,Italian spoken

Focus areas

Reconnection Complementary Stress Management Nervous system Mantra Transformational therapy

Reiki is a powerful yet simple, transformative healing art. It is safe and available to everyone, including ailing animals and plants. It rapidly restores balance to the physical, emotional and mental systems.

Reiki is a universal energy transmitted via the reiki practitioner to the patient. It can be hands on or transmitted into the auric field ‘at a distance’ and via Skype and phone. Physical presence of the client, although comforting is not essential.

Reiki energy works on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, karmic and etheric levels bringing balance where it is most needed.

The Treatment Aims to:
  • clear energy blocks within the chakras, meridians and energy bodies
  • harmonize the nervous system
  • accelerate the body’s self- healing ability
  • promote deep relaxation, soothing agitation and anxiety
  • deepen awareness of the Self
  • re-establish a deeper mind, body, soul connection

During treatment

You will lie fully clothed on a massage table, universal energy is transmitted via a light, hands on touch, or you will receive the healing over phone or skype in the comfort of your own space wherever you are in the world.

Some clients sense variations in temperature, tingling, see colours, visions, memories, others nothing at all. Most clients experience deep relaxation and calm. In the days that follow a session, symptoms can decrease in intensity and frequency and there seems to be more self- awareness about what caused the dis-order to occur.

I have offered Reiki healing and Reiki training for over twenty years. It is deeply transformative and is especially effective in treating conditions such as depression, anxiety,trauma as well as physical imbalances.

Reiki treatment stands on its own as a healing practice and is also safely used to support orthodox and alternative medicine. Reiki is used as a complementary health treatment for cancer and leukaemia patients. Many patients report significant improvements in their level of pain, fatigue, nausea and breathing. In Alzeimher patients the traditional degree of symptoms of anxiety, agitation, pain, and physical discomfort, pacing and wandering can be reduced.

Reiki Training

Training in the system of Reiki can support your healing and personal development. It can increase sensitivity to subtle energy, increase present moment awareness and deepen your connection to inner wisdom and intuition.

I hold Reiki Attunements every second weekend of the month subject to minimum numbers required being reached. Manual and Certificate given.

First Level: Once trained at this level, you can treat yourself, friends, family, animals and plants.

Fee: $450AUD/person

Second Level: This is practitioner level and gives the student tools to work with in their healing role. There is an increase in healing ability. Practitioners can transmit healing to people, places and situations, cleanse spaces energetically, and work on the subtle bodies to facilitate healings for themselves and their clients

Fee: $550AUD/person

Master Level

Fee: $800AUD/person

Level Three – Inner Transformation and Self Mastery

In this two day course you are transmitted a final symbol, the Master symbol, and a mantra to assist your connection to Reiki energy. This class could be described as the most transformational Reiki Level and many people experience huge shifts in consciousness as a result of the attunement. The workshop is specifically designed for those who wish to take Reiki to its
‘final’ level of learning how to do an attunement and go deeper in their understanding of this ancient healing art.


  • Reduction in self-judgement and acknowledgement of your own unique gifts
  • Greater attunement with your inner voice and readiness to trust your inner
  • Learn to ‘see’ and work with the shadow in a deeply transformative way
  • Increased confidence in working with clients
  • Learn to transmit an attunement as an aligning process

Prerequisite: Level Two Reiki

Cost: $800

Appointments available in person and also via phone and skype for worldwide clients.  Please get in contact today at to arrange your appointment.

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