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Kinesiology & Holistic Healing with Amy.

Life Tree Natural Therapies - Kinesiology

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Cairns, Queensland

Focus areas

Love Stress Management Digestive disorders Life path Hypnotherapist Forgiveness

Amy is a Kinesiologist in Cairns specialising in Holistic Healing.

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Kinesiology is one of the most powerful healing techniques available.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing as a biofeedback tool to identify what is causing the issue, and what is needed to relieve it.

This has a wide range of applications, and I specialise in helping people identify and heal their limiting subconscious beliefs and the body-mind connection to stress and disease so that you can make life better.

Every session I do is tailored to meet the needs of you as an individual.

What is it you want to achieve?

Are there blocks or areas holding you back that you know you want to release?

Do you have a specific goal you want to work toward or do you just want to see what your body brings up?

What may I be able to assist with?

I’ve worked with babies in their first few weeks of life and people at the very end of their lives. I tailor every session to the individual person I’m working with relevant to their age and cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs.

Many people come to see me because they simply don’t feel quite right, some come as part of their regular self care routine, and others because they have specific issues they want to address. Some of these issues people see me for include:

• Stress and anxiety
• Fears and phobias
• Healing from childhood abuse
• Digestive disorders
• Identifying food allergies and intolerances
• Overcoming addictions
• Depression
• Cancer
• Chronic fatigue syndrome
• Headaches and migraines
• Harmonising menstrual cycle and fertility
• Chronic pain
• Immune disorders
• Relationship difficulties
• Energetic and spiritual disturbances
• Changing habitual thoughts and behaviours like jealousy and inappropriate anger
• Guidance to find spiritual awareness

To book please click below:

or call Amy on 0402 759 726

Initial sessions are 1.5hrs and $149

Health Fund rebates available


"Seeking treatment from Amy has made such a difference on so many levels. For my first appointment with Amy I was ready for help with some emotional balancing. As an added bonus I got help with the back pain that had gotten worse not better over a few days, where I was looking to do the usual physio, pain killer and acupuncture routine in the next week. Well thanks to Amy's treatment I never got around to do any of that, nor have I had to ever since. In fact after years of back pain, I now feel like it never existed. And then there were all the issues I have had for years with lack of sleep, well that too is now history. Amy has generated marvelous changes in my body and emotions that I have wanted for a long time, which are more than delightful and are making a huge difference as my life continues on a much more positive journey." Louise

"For the past fifteen years I have suffered from a skin disorder on my hands. They were constantly peeling and at its worst the skin would split and bleed. It was extremely painful and embarassing. After having three sessions with Amy, to my total surprise, it completely healed. I'm surprised because I knew little of kinesiology. I've also been to many skin specialists over the years with no result and I had pretty much given up. I thought that I just had to put up with it! Now it's gone. Thank you so much." Karin

"I saw Amy for a session on my 6 month old baby and myself, and was amazed at how powerful the effect was. I managed to release alot of built up stress and anger, and my baby was also more balanced. He was having some digestive problems which cleared up and his sleeping got much better. I especially liked the use of sound therapy, what a magical experience." Helen

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