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Massage / Energy Healing
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Light Unison Healing

Melissa Lowe

294 Sydney Rd
Balgowlah NSW 2093

Light Unison Healing
Kahuna Massage and Energetic Healing

Light Unison Healing

Kahuna massage known in Hawaii as ‘loving hands’ massage is a powerful, therapeutic and nurturing style massage based on the teaching and practices of the ancient Kahunas.

Using rhythmic and repetitive sweeping movements of the hands and forearms, it is a flowing and deeply relaxing massage.

During the massage Melissa combines energy healing to create a whole-body, mind and spirit experience, leaving you feeling balanced, revitalised and deeply relaxed.

Kahuna is a beautiful style of massage encompassing the “aloha” spirit of love and compassion.

Qualification Details

Diploma in Energetic Healing
Kahuna Massage Certificate from Mettes Institute

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