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Linda Beaver Homeopath

Linda Beaver Homeopath

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Linda Has 29 Years Experience In Women's Health, Preconception, Pre And Postnatal Care.

Linda Beaver - Women's Health

Servicing area

Newtown, Stanmore, Inner West, Sydney

Focus areas

Physical ailments Indigestion Frozen shoulder Oligoscan Neck tension Diarrhoea

Homeopathic medicines strengthen your constitution as a whole, over an extended period of time.

You and your practitioner work together towards a growing sense of wellbeing and relief of physical ailments. Within this context, no topic is held taboo and at different times the consultation may revolve around such varied issues as diet, childhood memories, relationships, career and ambition as well as discussing the full range of physical complaints.

Now, with the advanced Oligoscan technology that Linda uses, you have the report of your mineral and heavy metal profile within seconds of taking the test. With the Oligoscan test you will quickly know which key nutrient minerals your body is in need of. You will also know which heavy metals may be interfering with your health. Any deficiencies or toxicities can be taken note of and nutritional balancing included as part of your overall treatment.

Homeopathy assists in treating period pain, pre menstrual tension, bowel problems, hay fever, sinus, anxiety, fatigue, depression, trauma and grief.

Learn How To Make Your Own Raw Cultured Vegetables, Sauerkraut And Kefir.

Raw fermented foods may be of benefit to anyone with digestive troubles such as bloating, constipation, loose stools or irritable bowel syndrome, those who suffer from hayfever, asthma and allergies, children with learning difficulties, anyone who has taken a lot of antibiotics or regularly been on the contraceptive pill.

"....just getting in touch to let you know I am doing wonderfully well with the treatment and think I will be ready to move on to the next step soon. I am almost back to a normal diet [not yet drinking tea, coffee, beer or wine and being very careful with citrus, tomatoes, dried fruit etc. but otherwise can eat everything.]

I feel so lucky to have you treating me as I know of people who have had food intolerances pretty much permenantly and this has affected their lives badly."
- Julie

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