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Link Reaction - Testimonials

Health & Fitness Testimonials

"I have been a client of Linka Crosby for many years. During these last nearly ten years she has been my personal fitness trainer, my health and nutrition brain trust and an expert in keeping my personal motivation and enthusiasm for good health at a level of consistency. Her overall skill and knowledge in all of the above has been beneficial to my personal life quality and future health prospects. I am a fifty six year old professional person who in her twenties was a long distance cyclist and multi sports person. After suffering a major road accident at the age of thirty my mobility and sports interaction was severely curtailed. I have found Linka's expertise and guidance during these more senior years of my life has been an integral part of my ongoing personal well being."
- Sue Henthorn Civil - Funeral & Marriage- Celebrant

"After my many years as a client of Linka in the fitness and good health areas of my life, I have now become an enthusiastic member of her 'Colour Light Therapy' community. I use the word community as Linka's integrity over the years as a personal health and fitness trainer has seen her become a mentor as such in all aspects of fitness and now revitalization techniques that enhance and benefit her many loyal clients. I consider myself well cared for as I now seek further techniques to help me relax and rejuvenate.

Linka's skills in the above areas means that she has helped me and educated me in the use of the essential oils via aroma touch; the wonderful health and mental relaxation that her specialised light therapy has brought me and I am now an enthusiast for the chakra balancing, sound healing therapy and brainwave/audio therapy. Linka has demonstrated through her instinctive female intelligence that she can not only inspire through health and fitness well-being but that she can also encourage and advise on the many elements that concern us as women who embrace our emotional and physical needs. The added fact that she has an empathy for all walks of life women has and does make her a very special part of my life."

Dream Spa Testimonials

"I can't believe it!! I feel like I have new feet. My toes have been in pain and frozen for years. The longer I received the light treatment the more my feet tingled, and the tingle removed the pain. I feel like my feet are lighter, like I'm wearing someone else's shoes! I haven't been able to move my feet like this in years"
- Alice, WI

" am having very noticeable results with my face looking better (have a serious wrinkle problems) and my skin has improved at least 40% already .... !!!"
- Jane D

"My friend, Alice, (see above comment) tried the Blue Calm program because she hadn't been sleeping. She did sleep a full night that night, but she was more impressed by how it helped her feet! After her session, I watched as she flexed her toes up and down, saying in awe, "I couldn't do this before!" - obviously, she can, now "
- Susan A IL

"I love the Dream Spa. It has definitely improved my energy and I also feel less pain in my body. I feel like I've done a beautiful meditation each time I do a session and no matter how hard I try to stay awake it always puts me into the deepest sleep which actually feels quite delicious. I humbly thank you Thomas for your perseverance in creating such a beautiful machine"
- Carol T

"I use the Renew cycle before I go to work in the morning and the Blue/calm at night. My work as an accountant is very stressful at times and I thank you again for the work/research in bringing this new and wonderful technology to us. I use to wake up every morning with anxiety however, this has completely taken it away! Please thank all those involved in your organization, I know it takes a lot of work to bring something like this forward...."
- B. Turner, UT

Trinity 8 Testimonials

"A friend of mine had hit the wall of life--numb, hopeless, tired and describing her situation ‘like having an elephant on my chest and it won’t move’. She had been resistant to energy work and skeptical it could do anything for her, but she finally committed to several sessions with the Trifninity8. After the first session, she could take deep breaths, the color on her face changed from ashen to pink, and she slept for the first time in many months. Since then she continued four more sessions on the T8 and her life literally transformed from loss and numbness to vitality and purpose. She continues to work on her stuff and feels “happy".
- Carol Aron, Newbury Park, CA

"I have been in practice as a Chiropractor, Nutritionist, and Researcher for 25 years. Since buying and using the Trifininty8, I finally have the device I knew intuitively would eventually become reality. I cannot begin to express in words what a profound change the Trinfinity8 has made in my life. Everything, and I mean, everything has shifted dramatically in just the first 2 weeks. I feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually than I have in years. My sleep has normalized, my body structures are changing right before my eyes, my confidence and skills have been transformed. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I am a changed person. I simply want to thank you not only for the Trinfinity8 device, but for having the vision and guts to develop it and make it available."
- Dr. Bruce M. – Irving,Texas

“Usually during dental experiences I’m nervous, sweating up a storm and hyper aware of every little thing being done to me. Also, I ask for breaks, stopping the dentist to rinse my mouth or get up to go to the toilet, or to just sit there, take a deep breath and wait until I get up the courage to continue. This time, due to receiving a long distance Trinfinity8 session during my dental appointment, I was calm and not concerned with the root canal procedure at all! That’s a W-O-W! It felt as if I was in a meditation, being held in a deep, comforting place of silence even though I had to hold my mouth wide open, with lights, drills, spritzing water and water suction, etc. all going on in my mouth. Trifninity8 is a natural sedative for dental anxiety! W-O-W! Thanks again, and many blessings and miracles for the evolution of Trinfinity8."
- Christina Ross, Palos Verdes, California

Our cat was sick and we thought she was going to die. She had pancreatitis and hadn’t eaten in four days. So every morning I would hold the crystals on her and run a program. By night time she started to eat a little and then just sniff at the food. The next morning when we woke up her food was gone. As she got better, she would sit outside my bedroom door and wait for me to get up in the morning.

She would look up at me (no meowing) and just follow me down to get her treatment. She now does this every morning and I give her three minutes of Divine Alignment on mild. I now have to tell her NO! She is addicted too! We had a similar story with one of our birds. The Trinfinity8 can help more than just people."

- Eugene Voll, West Nyack, NY

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Qualification details

  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Aromatherapist Body sculpturing
  • Colour Light Therapist Sound & Chakra Balancing
  • Touch For Health Boxing
  • Essential Oils Consultant Spin Bike Instructor
  • Health & Wellbeing Coach Meditation

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