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Living Naturally Health & Wellness Centre

Stephen Burger

79 - 81 Woods Rd
St Albans Park VIC 3219

Servicing area: St. Albans Park / Geelong /Anglesea/ Bendigo,Victoria

Living Naturally Health & Wellness Centre

Is your problem proving difficult to treat? Are you looking for more than a quick fix?


Stephen has been in his practice since 1991, he incorporates the following protocols into his clinic. (More detailed explanation to these are shown further below).


  • VEGA Testing & Assessment - For general health problems
  • BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis) - Weight Loss and feeling tired
  • Iridology - Health Assessment
  • NST / Bowen Therapy - Body Therapy for relaxation and/or pain relief
  • Ear Candling - Different types used according to need
  • Urine Testing - Evaluates intestinal dysbiosis
  • Saliva testing - Applicable to symptoms involving: PMT, Menopause, Poor Sleep, Anxiety.
  • Hair Mineral Analysis - Mineral Imbalance Assessment

Living Naturally Health & Wellness Centre

VEGA Testing

The Vega Test is a self contained computerised electro dermal screening (CEDS) instrument which can identify a wide range of nutritional and health issues and evaluate specific remedy requirements.

The general assessment procedure consists of recording electrical parameters of the skin at harness points (based on EAV principles), and analysis of the results by the practitioner.

To perform an assessment with the Vega Test, you are stimulated with energetic signature patterns stored in the system while a reading is taken with a probe.

If a specific stimulus causes a deviation in the readings, there may be an ‘issue’ (or reaction) between the substance being tested and you the patient.

BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis) Assessment Explanation

BIA is a test device that I use, to asses some very important indicators of disease and the aging process in my patients. I also use BIA in “Weight Loss” assessments.

It is a test of Cell health in ATM (Primarily in muscle tissue), plus other indicators.

6 different measurements are taken.

  • Muscle Quantity & Quality
  • Total fat mass
  • Water content - Inside the cells of Muscle tissue
  • Outside the cells of Muscle tissue (Fluid Balance)
  • Biological age - (how old we are on the inside)
  • Cellular toxicity - (unfriendly products inside cells)
  • Cell Energy production capability - ( In the cells that metabolise glucose & body fat).

The results of this test give me an enormous amount of useful information that I could not normally access, it can be really useful as I put together your individualised Health Recovery Programme.

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