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Change your life for the better with thorough holistic therapy tailored to your specific needs and experiences. Liz's assertiveness coaching methods, along with energy healing and spiritual guidance, can assist you in identifying and resolving the underlying reasons of your present circumstances, allowing you to accomplish long-term, permanent change.

Life Coach, Psychic & Energy Healer

Focus areas

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Based in Winston Hills, New South Wales, Every Breath Believe You're Special helps people from all walks of life who are suffering a variety of ailments or circumstances, including anxiety, depression and sleeping problems, as well as injuries, poor business management, and a loss of direction in life, among many others.

Founded by Liz Mulheron, a certified assertiveness coach with extraordinary spiritual gifts, the holistic centre provides comprehensive and holistic services that are centred on your particular requirements and personal experiences.

Liz will assist you with identifying unwanted behavioural issues as well as the circumstances surrounding them. Long-term transformation may be reached through this spiritual discovery paired with her experience, healing and cleansing abilities.

Liz Mulheron, Your Empowerment Mentor and Healer

Liz is a well-known empowerment mentor and healer in Australia who uses her intuitive method to help others. She enjoys sharing her talents in order to improve the world we live in.

She wears many hats—an empowerment mentor, wellness and mindfulness coach, assertiveness and intuitive expert, psychic and energy healer—that require her to combine her psychic abilities, mediumship, Reiki and Pranic Healing skills in order to offer clients both comprehensive and holistic services.

Liz has made it her mission to help people improve their capacity to make sound decisions. She accomplishes this by assisting people in being calm, gaining clarity of mind, feeling what they need to do, and having the guts to follow their intuition in making the right decision.

Although our emotional paths are often strewn with side streets, roundabouts, hills and dead ends, Liz will gladly step up and help. Liz considers herself fortunate to be able to use her abilities to assist you in removing or avoiding these obstacles. As a result, you'll be healthier and happier, with better physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

How Can You Benefit From Liz's EAP?

As a qualified EAP specialist, Liz can create an empowerment, assertiveness and soft skills training program for your organisation. It is a programme that will inspire, support and drive your employees to be the best they can be in all areas of their lives.

Liz fosters a culture of Healthy Employee Wellness Relationships via the art of face-to-face communication. She uses her unique talents as a health expert and empowerment trainer to help you first understand yourself and then the people around you. Her unique insight helps you understand people on a deeper level, which enriches all internal and external interactions.

What Do Others Think of Liz?

"Liz is able to bring heavenly light down into my soul and help lighten my body, mind & spirit with love, humour and non judgemental understanding." - Renea, Teacher

"Liz is an Intuitive Angel, who with a heart of gold, is genuinely interested in helping people beyond the call of duty."  - Angela, Managing Director

"Elizabeth is a very intuitive coach. It is remarkable how she can sense things and I feel that the insights that she has provided have integrity. On many occasions, following our conversations, I have felt more organised with a clear sense of priorities for both my business world and my personal life." - Graham, Executive Specialist to CEOs & Senior Executives

"Liz has helped me cope with different issues and has given me strength to accept and understand why the issues have happened and how to try to resolve them." - Mary, Finance Executive

"Liz gave me clarity of mind and helped me to trust in the universe (again). That was very calming, thankyou so much." - Jude, Grandmother

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Business Hours

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  • Life Coach
  • Psychic
  • Energy Healing Practitioner
  • Angelic Life Coaching
  • Pranic Energy Practitioner
  • Spiritual Life Coach
  • Reiki Energy Healer

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