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Lucent Earth Retreat

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Come to Lucent Earth for very affordable and embodied counselling sessions and for private healing retreats. Initial one hour counselling session is $50. Concession/financial hardship rate is $60 per hour. Sessions are in a beautiful hand made natural medicine building.

Lucent Earth Sacred Healing and Meditation Retreat

Servicing area

Foster, Melbourne, Leongatha

Focus areas

Numbness / tingling Abuse Anger management Couples therapy Couples counselling Depression


Welcome to Lucent Earth...............


I offer very affordable and embodied counselling sessions for individuals and for relationships.  

In therapy/healing sessions for individuals we can work with deep trauma and painful experience such as depression, addiction, anxiety and grief. We may use tools such as inner child work, emotional release, deep inquiry and meditation.

When working with couples or other significant relationships the focus is on uncovering and addressing the unconscious energies and unresolved traumas that can make loving connection so hard to experience.   Sessions are guided by the principles of Imago Therapy.

Sessions take place in a beautiful natural building  medicine studio.

Personal Healing Retreats are available for individuals and relationships. Stay in the beautiful medicine studio for a few days, or a week, and focus on deep healing and transformation.




All subsequent sessions - 

Concession card or financial hardship   $60 per hour

Average income   $80 per hour

Affluent income  $100 per hour

All sessions cost the same hourly rate except


Please check out the website for more detailed pricings of our extremely affordable healing retreat options. 





LUCENT EARTH........................................



Experience the healing and holding of an earth honouring, hand-made sacred building. A healing retreat for rest, meditation and transformation.


At Lucent Earth you can experience deep healing sessions and retreats for individuals and relationships, in a space that carries its own medicine, set in a fruitful and fertile permaculture cottage garden.


Come for a silent retreat of your own structure, or a richly held silent retreat, a deep inner work retreat, or a retreat to heal a relationship.


Or if you live locally, just come for transformation/healing/counselling sessions.


Lucent Earth is located in the quiet rural township of Port Franklin, close to Foster, in Gippsland, Victoria. A few minutes walk will take you to the wild mangroves, stretching all the way to the ocean, and the estuary river channel that they grow in.

About your facilitator - Nullani

I have a lifelong passion for understanding, holding and healing the psyche. For the ways in which our wounds and numbness, trauma and transcendence, can be held more closely in the depths of our own humanity, so that we are more able to offer intimacy and relationship, to the great wounds and beauty of our lives.

It is a deep sacred honour for me to work with people to tranform, witness, know and feel, the mystery of themselves. I love to work with trauma. Because I have had and still have, so much of it, in such extraordinaryily deep ways, because it is such a deep part of the sacred pattern and path of humanity, and because bringing healing and compassion to it feels as natural as breathing, and as essential.




Because of my own familial and life experiences, I am particularly drawn to working with relational addiction, romantic/sexual/love addiction, co-dependence, ancestral trauma, depression, frozen feelings, worthlessness, the mid-life crisis/menopause initiation in which old trauma becomes completely available to consciousness in deep and challenging ways, the wild depths of anxiety, shattering grief, numbness, shut-down, the underworld/descent initation journeys of the persophone archetype and healing towards the ascent, the mythic as it governs our soul life, archetypes and archetypal stories and the way they can structure our psyche in harming and in healing ways, ceremony and mythos and ritual and how these can be used to help heal our deeply symbolic lives and hearts and minds.




In sessions or retreats we can flexibly use counselling therapies, meditation, movement, emotional release, ritual, penetrating reason/ inquiry/analysis , structural models of psyche and relationship, prayer, story , energy work and inner child drawing and dialogue, to bring help to what most needs helping.



From a combination of deep necessity and deep fascination, I have been committed to healing trauma in myself and others, for the past 20 years. My family of origin and upbringing have meant that I have had a seemingly endless exploration of how to heal, hold and be with, the roots of addiction, sexual violence, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, separation, aloneness, trauma and many forms of deep suffering and deep healing.


I have explored many paradigms with different teachers, very deeply, for many years at a time, always renewing and deepening my understanding of transformation and what it means to try to hold the human experience tenderly and consciously in its deep beauty and its terrible wounds, in a way that can encourage healing .


Over many years I have explored  different beautiful modalities for working with clients. Some of my main pracitces have been lomilomi massage – a sacred hawaiian healing massage –, reiki and meditation.  I have also deeply explored and been committed to,  many other paths of transformation including deeply embodied emotional release work, grass roots 12 step work, body work, movement, archetypal wisdom, relational healing, shamanic ritual and deep and radical inquiry and analytical process, as well as the transformative symbols of mystical christianity, always with an underlying spiritual depth rooted in the human and the transcendent . In the last two years I completed ten silent retreats of ten days duration each, and ten hours of meditative healing each day, to help deepen my healing practices and presence, and to help shift some of the giant unconscious blocks to awareness that I and all of us carry.


I have been working with clients, mostly in the form of small personal transformation retreats, for the past 12 years, working with all the tools that I have learned from my teachers, as well as with the underlying intuition and surrender that guides all healing.

I do not have academic credentials, apart from a couple of years of pyschology at Monash Uni. They simply have not shown up on my path, for many and complex reasons. Instead, I have had one deep apprenticeship, to my first meditation/spiritual teacher, that lasted 5 years, learning many aspects of transformation, and many outer and inner teachers since, of different durations - the greatest teacher having been the meeting place, the proving ground, of my psyche, my spirit, and my suffering.   I work with the deep embodied learning and truthful initiations of my own humanity and healing. I work with the painfully gained knowledge of descent and ascent, with the deep instincts given to each human to pursue the sacred at the heart of their wound, and the passion to share transformation with deep tenderness and skill.



The earth studio is an earth- honouring building , a sacred space, a medicine place . Made from the earth, and for the earth.

Honouring the earth and her indiginous custodians....


We acknowledge that this is Gunaikurnai land. We acknowledge the genocide and theft. We acknowledge country. We acknowledge the ancestors and the elders, the living and spirit tribe of those woven by bone into the land forever. And we acknowledge the Dreamtime, the sacred stories,of the original people of this land.

The building


The space you will be staying in or experiencing therapy in,  is lovely and unique and has its own spiritual beauty and feel. It is a temple space, built with many hands, from the sacred dark beautiful earth, with much ceremony, relationship, community, prayer and healing. And these things out of which it was built are also its purpose.


In older and wiser cultures, a building's ceremonial and spiritual meanings were woven deeply into it and were just as important as its physical construction. In deeply wise cultures, a building could not be made without its soul and its medicine being birthed at the same time.


We have tried to make this building in this old wise and soulful way, of ritual, medicine and prayer.


The studio is made of super adobe, or earth bags, and was built by two main earth builders – Hayden Annable and Marc Eggleton, and a community of about 20 open hearted volunteers, friends and family. Everyone poured some of their spirit and healing into the building, especially in the making of the walls, where volunteers filled the earthbags with earth, one bucket at a time, in chains of co-operation and connection.


Ceremony before, during and after the build was performed, to ask permission of the ancestors, to bless the ones building, to bring the energies of the life-death-life cycle, and to consecrate the space for healing, for medicine and for tranformation.


The building is made of simple symbolic elements, natural to the soul. The floor is made of the earth element, just clay and sand. So when we sit on the floor of the building, we sit on the mother earth, the dark sacred place of transformation. The roof has a domed skylight, so when we look up we see the heavens, stars, blue sky, the radiant sun. This connects us to light, to spirit, to the masculine, transcendence, and the upward flight. The door is handmade from fallen blackwood timber. It is beautiful, imposing, and properly carries the deep symbolic meaning of threshold, entrance, and place of passage. The walls are strong and thick, made of earth, they give us shelter, a dry safe place to rest. The fire brings us warmth, anger, eros, and the comfort of the hearth. The altar made of earth, beneath the clear window, reminds us of the yin and yang of our nature – descent and ascent – and how both are sacred.



Earth friendly


The whole property is working to be earth friendly and earth honouring. We have some solar power, a natural reed bed to process grey water , a teeny tiny hot water system in the spirit of less is more, and a super earth friendly low tech compost toilet.



Ethics – trying to honour the earth and its people


Both in the making of the studio and its furnishings, we have tried to make as many things naturally and by hand and with as much recycled and found materials as possible.


In the studio we have tried hard to have only things which have been either ethically made and sourced, or have been bought second hand from a charity. So that the sacred space is not supporting slave labour and environmental destruction. I am vegan, so any wool or feather products in the space have been bought second hand from charities, with the idea of using resources that already exist, but not supporting those industries to continue.


So when you are staying here, we hope that you can feel that there is a deep effort to walk kindly on the kind earth.




6 Services

relationship counselling

Reiki Meditation Counselling Breathwork Counselling
$60 $36 Per hour
40% OFF

Relationship counselling sessions are for healing any deep relationship, it could be partners in a romantic relationship, a parent and child, two siblings, or two close friends. Sessions are about deep embodied healing of patterns that cause conflict .

individual counselling

Reiki Meditation Counselling Breathwork Counselling
$80 Per hour

If you live locally, or are staying in the area, come to Lucent Earth for a session of emotional release work, transformation of thoughts/beliefs/judgements/emotions, reclaiming anger work, inner child work, counselling, gentle ritual and embodied healing

Business Hours

We're open 7 days.


9:00 am To 9:00 pm


9:00 am To 9:00 pm


9:00 am To 9:00 pm


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9:00 am To 9:00 pm


  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, Social Sciences, Anthropology, Creative Arts)

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