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Stressed, tired, always worried, or trouble sleeping? Naturopathy can help.

Luisa Pitronaci Naturopath - Stress Management

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Stress can have many effects on you and your body. The body responds to stressors by activating the nervous system and releasing hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline into your bloodstream. These hormones increase your heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure and metabolism. Under short term stress these physical responses help you to react quickly and effectively to handle the pressure you are faced with.

However being in this stressed state for long periods of time may leave you feeling quite the opposite.

Stress symptoms

Your body goes into a fatigue mode and you may find yourself with some of the following symptoms:
  • Feeling angry, intolerant of others, snappy.
  • Difficulty concentrating, working ineffectively, overwhelmed.
  • Can’t switch off at night – feeling alert and anxious or going over and over the problems of the day.
  • Tired, exhausted, trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.
  • Sore muscles, sore neck and back. Other aches and pains which are not related to exercise or any medical condition.
  • Depressed, even the smallest of things get you down.
  • Withdrawn from relationships, work, or fun activities.
  • Changed eating habits – reduced appetite or binge eating.
  • Weight gain/weight loss.

How we help

After thoroughly assessing your individual case, a treatment plan will be recommended. Treatment plans typically use one or a combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs and flower essences specific to your case.

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