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Wellness and Meaning Making through Connecting and Art Making.

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Individual Companioning/Counselling

Inquiry into meaning-making through companioning and shared experience. Companioning is a kind of counselling where your counsellor will share the experience of personal inquiry in an engaged, co-creative process of multi-modal exploration. The client and the counsellor share the intersubjective space of inquiry through art making and reflection.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling through the reflection of self, others, and the relationship as an object. Utilising reflection and companioning through art creating we delve into your relationship from different perspectives to look for new needs, values, and patterns of behaviour.

Group Exploration and Relationship Building

Relationship building and group exploration by using art activities and art creation. A unified community initiative to build relationships and assess one’s self and other. Utilising companioning on a group level we share experiences of self-awareness, relationship development, art making, understanding, and art-making in a supportive, safe, and inclusive environment.


Begin @ $90 for a 30min session.

All art-making tools supplied. 

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