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Releasing secrets from your previous incarnations eliminate symptoms of an ailment.

Past-Life Regression Therapy & Crystal Healing

Healing With Crystals and Hypnosis

Do you ever feel that some invisible matter is responsible for all of the complex situations in your life?
Lulu Connections Counselling/Therapy offers past-life regression therapy in Albury NSW, which uncovers events in your past lives that may be affecting the state of your health.
This healing modality applies hypnosis, a heightened state of concentration that allows you to visualise and retrieve memories from your previous lives.
Aside from giving you a deep understanding of your existence, this type of therapy also helps you identify and eliminate symptoms of a chronic illness.

Regulating Energy With Crystals  

Not only were crystals a staple accessory worn by the Egyptians, Sumerians and Mayans in the ancient times, they were also reliable healing tools.
Gems and crystals can be likened to magnets that draw or repel energy. These healing stones, when laid on specific points of the body, regulate and balance the flow of energy to promote physical wellness.
Undergoing an hour or so of crystal therapy helps treat symptoms of certain health conditions.

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