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Laughter For Living - Lynette Mitchell

Lynette Mitchell

Ferntree Gully VIC 3156

Servicing area: Melbourne & beyond

Laughter For Living - Lynette Mitchell

It is said that your personal growth will lift your spirit, make you feel thankful and relaxed, and is a powerful tool in life.

Personal Growth Thru Self Mastery & Energetic Hygiene Protection

Find out what is available to support and encourage you to rediscover ways to support yourself. 

Ascension Meditation & Self Mastery Class 

The courses inspire and assist people to feel more comfortable, more optimistic and brave, in their life. You'll feel more self-reliant and more able to cope, feel safe and feel in touch with yourself. You should expect to feel happier, more optimistic and have a deeper understanding of yourself and be more conscious of your life as you deal with shared resources. Each week there will be a new topic, and normally we spend time meditating and debating.

Topics to be discussed: self-worth, creative visualisation, journaling, the violet  flame meditation and basic energetic hygiene. 

Teleconference Class 

Please contact Lynette if distance is a challenge and when you feel comfortable taking a teleconference course.

If this resonates with you, you want your self-control and tools to support yourself, so contact Lynette to hear more and book in.

You are also encouraged to book a 15-minute conference call to discuss the situation you are facing, or to send an email or an SMS message.

Energetic Hygiene 

If you come along and participate, you should hope to be grateful, happy and rewarding. This training helps you to exercise energy hygiene/cleansing everyday as a helpful tool.

Energetic hygiene is the best way to support your healthcare plan for employees.

Energetic Cleansing and Protection 

How would you feel if you had pollution and toxins that we applied for years? Auric fields include ground, social, behavioral and spiritual environments, accumulated intellectual residue, emotional residue, negative energy, and toxins. They have to do the same with our energy systems as they regularly swim in our physical bodies to stay healthy. 

The energy fields need to guard against negativity, just like your house is defending against burglary. It changes your way of feeling secure continuously and will affect your ability not to be adversely affected by feelings both within and outside the workplace. The performance of this fundamental ritual will transform your life and secret into an exciting world you felt was always accessible deep within your heart.

Book now and let us help you get the balance right.

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