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Remedial massage may assist with chronic pain or muscular tension. It is a deep tissue massage aiding the body to return to normal health after injury or musculoskeletal disorder. It is useful in treating not only the symptoms of soft tissue injuries but also their original cause and may also speed up post-surgical recovery.

Macarthur Natural Health Clinic - Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

The aim of a remedial massage is to work with the client to help them increase their activity levels back to normal, whilst not only achieving benefits to their mobility and the reduction of their pain levels but improving their wellbeing and health as a whole.

Results vary depending on whether the condition is new or has been long term. While a recent acute condition can be resolved in a just a handful of sessions, chronic or long-term conditions may require lengthy series of treatments.

Conditions that can be treated include, but not limited to:


    • Whiplash


    • Sciatica


    • A tension headache


    • Tennis elbow


    • Frozen shoulder


    • Plantar fasciitis


    • Scar tissue


    • Repetitive strain injury


    • DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness)


    • Neck pain


    • Back pain


    • Jaw pain


    • Carpal tunnel syndrome


    • Achilles' tendons


    • Hamstring injuries


    • Adhesions


    • Muscular spasms

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