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Maria Arora

Maria Arora

Servicing area: Applecross

Maria Arora
I am an award winning Naturopath, receiving the Warren Brauer memorial award for Best Performance in Clinical Practice and also another one for Excellency in Homeopathy

Maria Arora

I have been running my own successful Naturopathic clinic since 2007. In addition I have worked in an allergy clinic and I have been a complementary skin practitioner since 2009.

I strongly believe in the holistic approach to chronic conditions and consequently have continued my studies in the fields of psychotherapy, counseling, pastoral care, Tibetan bowl therapy, homeopathy, massage, trigger points, bio-mesotherapy (pain therapy), mineral therapy, animal therapy, dark field microscopy (live blood analysis), this technique proves very useful when having to idenitify the level of internal inflammation your body is presenting. Detox foot spa could also be used to enhance the detoxification process.

We can also offer you Allergy Patch Testing as a way of identifying other possible triggers, especially useful for dermatitis and eczema.

I have also been developing my knowledge on allergies and skin conditions and have undertaken intense training with Dr. Tirant at the Psoriasis & Skin Clinic Head Office.

Why skin conditions?

Because they are the most problematic cases for many practitioners and are a challenge to address successfully. Dr Tirant’s expertise and Treatment Protocols give me the assurance that we can have a positive outcome in treating your skin conditions within a complimentary approach. As I have already successfully treated many Skin Condition Patients using Dr. Tirant’s Treatment Protocols and medication, I am confident that I can provide you with the treatment and long term remission that you are seeking.

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