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Providing a range of professional Zinc Test services, to the people in Western Sydney.

Zinc Tests

Zinc Tally was developed by Dr. Bryce Smith of London. Liquid zinc is now recognised as a reliable way to replenish zinc and assess zinc status by virtue of the taste response.

Over 200 different enzyme systmes in the body depend on zinc to work properly. Zinc is necessary to make many hormones, including the ones that tell the immune system what to do when it is under attack from bacteria or viruses. Zinc is involved in the making of hormones that control growth and for the important male hormone testosterone. The health of the prostate is protected when males have appropriate levels of zinc in their bodies.

Why zinc is vital for your health?

Zinc is very important to help us fight infections and diseases in general – current research shows that zinc supplements assist with quicker healing of the cold or flu.
Zinc also keeps the skin healthy; helps preserve eyesight and is also involved with memory.
Is quite common to find markings on the nails of patients with low zinc levels, as the nails, hair and skin need and use zinc.

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