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Ready to breeze through menopause... without the weight gain & hormone hell?

How to do Menopause

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Adelaide, South Australia

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For many women, menopause sucks:

If you're like the women I see in my clinic, you're putting up with a LOT:

  • Weight gain around your middle that won't shift no matter what you try
  • The dragging tiredness that makes it hard to get things done
  • The overwhelm, mood swings and flashes of anger
  • The sleep issues, cravings, hot flushes or temperature changes
  • Dr Google keeps giving you conflicting information
  • Your doctor wants to put you on hormone therapies, cholesterol medication but that's not what you want
  • Cravings for sugar, feeling 'hangry' & irritable until you eat
  • You're worried there is something else going on that's causing all of this 
  • You keep forgetting things, can't think straight at work and you're terrified people are noticing. 
  • Hair falling out and looking lifeless and dull
  • And you have heard your risk increases for heart disease or bone issues

Can you imagine feeling good in your own skin again?


  • Knowing EXACTLY what to do to break free from sugar cravings & poor eating habits
  • Fitting into your favourite dress again (& all your favourite clothes!)
  • Feeling calm, centred, balanced and clear-headed
  • Feeling agile and confident
  • Feeling (and looking!) fit and healthy
  • Being able to mitigate future health risks such as dementia, heart disease and bone issues
  • Feeling energised every day, like you have a new lease on life!
A 6-month program for women to break free from menopausal weight gain and get their body and their life back!

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