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Marietta Ovens

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Marietta Ovens Natural Therapist

Focus areas

Circulation Lifestyle Facial Pedicure Sinus Wellness

Marietta Ovens

Natural Therapies

Based in Narrandera NSW and qualified in several complimentary therapies. With 30 years in the Natural Health industry and is a member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists. I hope you enjoy reading about the services I provide for your wellbeing.

  • Iridology and wellness therapy
  • Diploma: Iridology and Natural Sciences
  • Post Grad Diploma: Clinical Nutrition
  • Certificate: Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine.

My goal is to provide clients with developing their best approach to wellness. As an Iridologist and wellness therapies your therapy is based around you the client. Your eating patterns and diet alongside with sound advice on natural health is the focus and I help guide on a holistic level better improvements in your eating planning. Assist with your understanding of natural health products and if you actually need them. Food is the fundamental source of our health and energy. This therapy is ideal for anyone needing assistance with eating plans, healthy wellbeing, detox safely through foods and guidance to a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes in our life stress is a culprit of poor health and imbalances, so as well this therapy focuses on how to promote better wellness and learn ways to relax and destress.

Massage Therapies

  • Cert 4 Remedial massage, sports,shiatsu,lymphatic,cross fibre mobilisation
  • Diploma Massage: Alexander technique: Swedish massage, Yoga.
  • Certificates: Aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki master energy healing,

For many years have developed massage treatment utilising various methodologies including remedial, sports, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, relaxation, energy healing, cross fibre mobilisation, reflex trigger points, alexander technique to name a few! The therapy designed for most of my clients is based on years of studies and technique experience. Today’s world is bringing many to therapy tables in constant pain and stress. I have designed a 1 hour and 2 hour therapy sessions which includes techniques mentioned and stress relaxation therapy, and uses hot stone therapy. The massage therapy is designed to assist the muscular system, improve circulation, detox the system, and provide non harmful techniques to assist pain or inflammation. Therapy also consists of relaxation techniques, learning breathing patterns, stretches, and uses aromatherapy, crystal essences and energy healing tailored for the individual self.

Reflexology and Pedi care

  • Certificate: Reflexology and non-surgical foot care.
  • Diploma: Beauty Therapies, Pedi care.

Reflexology is reflex point deep massage therapy via the feet, hands or facial points it is so beneficial to people in need of cleaning up their systems and revitalising the energy. This therapy is designed to massage the feet focus on point therapy, leg massage to aid circulation and detox, skin care and clean up the feet with a relaxing indulgent pedicure, massage to the hand points, stretches to the legs feet arms hands it is indulgent relaxation and also destress and helpful to aches and pains of the feet and hands. An aid to the body when detoxing and wishing to refresh energy wellbeing.

Facial point therapy

  • Diploma: Beauty therapies, facial trigger point massage/reflexology Certificate.

This therapy is designed to bring a relaxing focus to holistic facial therapy. A natural facial with focus on the pressure point massage to reflexes of the face, a brilliant indulgent gift or to help with neck and face headache tension of muscles, pain of facial muscles with sinus inflammation. The neck, arms and hands are also massaged in this treatment. All products are kept mindful to allergies, organic, and animal free.

I am located at Belinda Beauty Shoppe 62 East Street Narrandera
Mobile: 0405 938 150

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