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Marion Grimshaw

Marion Grimshaw

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"Empowering Growth Within an Everchanging World"

Marion Grimshaw

Servicing area

Morayfield, Queensland

Focus areas

Trauma Energy Bodywork Emotions Negative emotions Wellbeing


is a gentle technique which works on muscle and connective tissue, sometimes in a very profound way as it encourages the body to effect it's own healing process. Relief from pain and discomfort is achieved therough a balancing of the body's energy flow.


(Electro - Neuro - Adaptive - Regulator) THERAPY SYSTEM is a non-invasive technology directed at stimulating the body's inherent self-healing resources. Using biofeedback, the body is offered helpful and important information about itself to which it normally does not have access. It can then begin to effect change.


(TFT) is a drug free, non invasive treatment that works to eliminate the cause of negative emotions. Specific meridian points are tapped in a certain sequence, bringing about a dramatic improvement in emotional, and often physical, health.


concentrates on the areas of the body that are experiencing pain or trauma. Various modalities are used working on a deep level and aimed at restoring function and range of motion to the painful or injured part. Stretching and/or exercises are usually incorporated in this method.


were developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's as a result of his search for a simple and natural system of healing. Addressing the emotional aspect of dis-ease, Bach Flowers add a wholistic aspect to healing.


is a simple technique which induces inner calm and enhances wellbeing. Transmitted through the hands, the flow of reiki energy is perceived in a variety of ways; heat, chill, tingling, pulsing or vibrations.


helps to integrate body/mind/spirit. Often when trauma has occurred in a person's life it can be triggered by many things including bodywork such as massage, bowen etc. I am able to use my experience and compasssion to support people through these difficult times. I believe that healing comes from within and work to help my clients find their inner strength and abilities.

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