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Marlene Gilchrist

Marlene Gilchrist

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A dedicated practising Clinical Hypnotherapist, Orion DNA Practitioner and REiki Master with 12 years experience.

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Torquay - Hervey Bay, Queensland

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Fears Exhaustion Anxiety Quit smoking Forgiveness Hypnotherapist

Meet Marlene

Meet Marlene Gilchrist, a dedicated Clinical Hypnotherapist DIR, Orion DNA Practitioner and Reiki Master with 12 years experience. Marlene helps clients quit smoking. reduce anxiety, increase self-confidence, conquer phobias, release emotional blocks, control pain, weight management and much more. Marlene has the unique, wonderful gift of connecting clients with deceased loved ones through Hypnosis; one touching session, Marlene tells below.

I’d like to share the story of a very special client, Katie. With permission from her family I treated this brave 10 year old girl, diagnosed with terminal cancer. Through the process of hypnosis and creative visualisation I was able to grant Katie’s most treasured wishes — to swim with dolphins and seals; ride elephants in Africa; visit the pyramids; play in the Alaskan snow, and many more.

With the help of her 12 year old cousin as a surrogate; as Katie’s pain was so intense relaxing was limited; together with their Guardian Angels, a pet Eagle and a bowl filled with magic gold liquid and etched with Egyptian writing - which Katie dipped her finger into and put a cross on the eagle’s head - they journeyed to each country, fulfilling her precious wishes. This brought Katie such delight and joy.

Since her passing, I have treated several family members under hypnosis, where they have connected with Katie who offers messages to different loved ones and has inspired her 12 year old cousin to compose and sing at a recent Eisteddfod.

Katie’s family now know she is at peace; experiences no more pain and have found comfort that she is busy and happy on the other side. Her family are overjoyed that through the process I have taught them, they can conned with Katie and return to their special meeting place’ any-time.

My passion is to help as many people as possible through Hypnosis, to also make this beautiful connection with their deceased loved ones and take them into the future to see how this healing process has brought about profound changes into their lives.


Marlene is a dedicated practising Clinical Hypnotherapist, Orion DNA Practitioner and Reiki Master with 12 years experience. Her gentle personality and caring nature have contributed to her success in treating and helping her clients.

Also during the course of Marlene's career, she has developed a wonderful gift of genuinely connecting clients with their deceased loved ones through Hypnotherapy, whereby these loved ones often bring through messages of love, joy, forgiveness and hope.

This connection can have the most profound healing effect; can bring comfort and can truly transform lives. Marlene will also teach you how to make this connection any time you so wish.

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